Candlewick Greens specialise in making highly scented soy/paraffin blend wax tarts and original creations. We use the finest ingredients to create highly fragranced melts. They are ready to ship to your door!

Scent Shots

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A scent shot is a clever, super dooper scented little marvel!

A 2oz puck of the most highly scented parasoy wax just ready and waiting to pop on top of your burner to warm and release the many hours of scent held within it.

A scent shot is the most simple and economical way to scent your home, a puck of highly fragranced parasoy wax individually wrapped for your convenience.

Scent Shots
Unwrap your scent shot, place it in the clean empty bowl of your burner, light your tealight and sit back and enjoy many hours of beautiful fragrance. You can keep your scent shots in a cool dry place for up to 18 months

Some of them have pretty sparkle to catch the light while melting too, available in singles so you may try lots and lots or in multi packs for when you have decided on some favourites.

You can choose any fragrance you like from the ever changing and vast list of scents in the scents library. Soy wax holds a great deal of scent and every scent shot is packed with the maximum oil that it will hold to give you the best burning time possible.

Not every candle house will do this, all scent shots are not the same *wink*.

Bakery Scent Shots

Birthday Cake - Light fluffy vanilla sponge with rich buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
Black Cherry Pistachio Birthday - Delicate pistachio birthday cake smothered in black cherry syrup and sweet vanilla icing.
Cinnamon Stick - Straight up spicy cinnamon, not sweet not bakery. A very warming scent.
Jam Tarts - Warm butter pastry overflowing with sweet sticky strawberry jam.
Lemon Pound Cake - Light lemony baked sponge cake with lashings of sweet lemon sugar icing.
Pistachio Macaroon - Crumbly sweet macaroons with fragrant pistachios, almonds and toasted coconut, a sweet treat!
Pistachio Marshmallow Spectacular - Delicious creamy pistachio pudding with mounds of fluffy marshmallows and buttery vanilla whip
Pistachio Pudding VBN - The creamy pistachio pudding cake has a punch up with the cool vanilla bean noel, who will win?
Pistachio Sugar Cookies - Delicious crunchy butter cookies studded with roasted pistachios and crisp sugar topping.
Strawberry Marshmallow Birthday - A delicious combination of light fresh birthday cake with mounds of fluffy marshmallow frosting and fresh strawberry slices.
Sweet Cherry Bubblegum Birthday - Sweet cherries in syrup, light fluffy birthday cake and pink poppin bubblegum, a sweet sensation!
Sweet Violet Cookie - Not parma violet but a sweet floral violet kissed lightly with sweet buttery sugar cookie.
Vanilla Buttercream - Sweet smooth thick and rich vanilla buttercream wonderful blended or on its own.

Mystical Scent Shots

Aromatherapy Energise - A spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, aroma with a faint base note of citrus. For when you MUST get things done!
Aromatherapy Love - A very romantic aroma of fresh picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk.
Aromatherapy Passion - A blend for lovers! Lilac, gardenia, carnation and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses.
Beautiful Dream - a soft powdery musky floral, mystical by nature and utterly unique
Bedtime Baby Bath - - a soft powdery baby fresh scent, calming clean and pretty. HB
Black Velvet - a dark soft patchouli blend with sandalwood, musk, tonka bean and hints of lemon.
Butterfly Meadow - A fresh as air outdoorsy scent, green grass, light florals but mostly a pretty fresh scent.
Cherry Tobacco - a very true to life tobacco scent with just the right amount of cherry
Cinderella - such a pretty mystical scent with amber and lilac and white musk
Dragons Blood - The scent of mystical shops everywhere, amber resin, patchouli and spice its festival time!!
Drifting Away - Warm tropical spa scent, oceans and white beaches and perfect peace.
Falling Leaves - A nip in the air, crunchy leaves all the colours of gold a beautiful autumn scent.
Floating Driftwood - A mixture of spicy, citrusy and green top notes complimented by floral middle notes of Lavender & Jasmine woody, musk and mossy bottom notes.
Forest Nymphs - Nestled in the forest among the redwood trees are playful little nymphs sitting on holly bushes playing songs on their flutes made of balsam twigs and dancing on the moss covered forest floor. While others stand watch wearing helmets of eucalyptus leaves and shoes of bay with red berries for button badges, they stand guard as the protectors of nature & their homes inside the cedar trees...
Indian Sandalwood - warm, sweet, rich, woodsy fragrance.
Indian Summer - top notes of strawberries and green apples and pears; middle notes of geranium and basil; bottom notes of oak and fresh greenery. Very Complex
Island Paradise - If you liked monoi de tahiti you will like this! Its sun baked tropical white sands, kissed with rich coconut oil and tropical tiare flower, its a holiday in a little tub
Pink Perfection - Fresh jasmine swirled with crushed strawberry a beautiful combination
Relaxation - Soft powdery blossoms, musk and sandalwood make up this very relaxing pretty fragrance.
Sandalwood - Beautiful indian sandalwood, grounding and balancing and wonderful for the bedroom
Sandalwood Vanilla - Beautiful fragrant Indian sandalwood, kissed with soft vanilla
Silent Night - LIMITED this is a gentle mystical with layers of eastern spices, cool fresh mountain water and a sprinkling of stardust.
Summer Sky - Warm summer air, sunlit jasmines, white sands and a lick of juicy pineapple.
Vanilla Tobacco - Softly spiced tobacco with a kiss of soft vanilla
Warm Vanilla Sugar - Soft sweet brown sugar on a gentle sandalwood base.

Fruity Scent Shots

Apricot - Sweet fragrant summer apricots bursting with juice
Black Coconut - beautiful fresh true to life coconut with no bakery notes.
Blood Orange - Tangy, juicy orange scent with just a touch of floral thyme. Super fruity!!
Cotton Candy Mac Apples - Crisp macintosh apple meets fluffy sweet cotton candy, a delicious combination!
Cucumber Mint - Cool fresh cucumber and peppermint leaves for a very refreshing clean scent.
Fruit Slices - A lovely bright citrussy fruit blend, lovely and refreshing
Grapefruit Sherbet - Sweet and sour and tangy and fruity!
Jackfruit - A tropical fruit, very unusual much like a cross between banana and pineapple with a little mango!
Juicy Pineapple - Sweet juicy pineapple slices bursting with tangy juice.
Juicy Sweet Cherry - Plump sweet cherries bursting with juice
Kudzu - sweet green grapes with white musk and hints of honeyed peach
Mandarin Tiki - citrus rinds, hints of berries, pineapple chunks and sunshine
Mango Peach Salsa - Fruity, juicy and sweet and tangy all rolled into one.
Mango Sorbet - Sweet fruity mango sorbet so very uplifting.
Mango and Papaya - Tropical fruity blend of ripened mango and juicy papaya.
Midnight Pomegranate - A beautiful dark musky juicy scent, dark fruits, amber and sweet pomegranate.
Muscadine grape - Beautifully musky perfumed grapes heavy with juice.
My Darling Clementine - Super fresh and zingy citrus scent with lots of sweet juice and tangy zests.
Orange Pucker - The zestiest most mouth puckering fresh orange scent, delicious!
Rhubarb - Tangy freshly stewed english rhubarb!
Ruby Red Grapefruit - sour tangy refreshing grapefruit, really zesty and fresh.
Strawberry Guava - A wonderful fruity blend of sweet english strawberries and tropical guava, just mouthwatering!
Strawberry Passion - Strong fresh berries mingled with tart rhubarb, just delicious!
Tangerine Dream - Fresh tangerine peel with blossom and musk this is so fresh and pretty.
Yuzu - Yuzu begins with top notes of mandarin, tangerine, lemon satsuma, and ruby red grapefruit, middle notes of bergamot, and base notes of oakmoss

Sweetie Scent Shots

Jammin' Rock candy - berry trio of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus brought together by icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy.
Peach Cotton Candy - Sweet and delicious juicy peach with mountains of fluffy pink cotton candy!
Pink Marshmallows - Pretty pink sugar meets fluffy warm marshmallow, super sweet and playful scent.
Salt Water Taffy - Super sweet and lip smackingly pink! A delicious pink candy fragrance a bit like those foamy shrimp sweeties!
Sherbet Lemons - Sweet tart sherbetty lemon so very uplifting and happy making.
Strawberry Bon Bons - Sugar dusted chewy balls of sweet strawberry heaven

Florals & Nature Scent Shots

Bergamot - the citrus jewel of the Mediterranean is uplifting and bright. aromatherapy style and very spa like.
Gardenia - Clean white fresh tropical gardenia, unmistakable heady perfumed floral
Lavender - Made with a combination of herbal fragrance oil and real essential oil this will relax and soothe you.
Lily of the Valley - A gentle pretty floral perfect for summer evenings.
Natural Eucalyptus - Real essential oil to help with blocked noses and horrible colds!
Neroli - Sweet light orange blossom, uplifting and energising.
Patio Garden - A very beautiful clean, green fragrance, very outdoorsy and refreshing with floral notes.
Pikaki Monoi - Delicate pikaki blossoms macerated in clean coconut oil a tropical island scent
Summer Lavender - Strong fresh young lavender with menthol notes, a very unusual lavender scent
The Long Meadow - Tall grasses whispering in the summer breeze with the distant sounds of a babbling brook.
Tulips - fresh crisp and floral, tulips is a refreshing floral scent with a good strong throw.

Drinks Scent Shots

Chai tea - Very warming yet fresh scent with notes of black tea and creamy white spices.
Hot Cocoa - A steaming mug of comforting hot chocolate, soothing and warming delicious scent.
Kola Shampayne - I am very pleased with this! Do you know the drink? I LOVE the drink and this is just like it, a tall frosty can of cola with a caribbean hit of luscious island fruits.
Strawberry Daiquiri - Beautiful cream sweet cocktail
Strawberry Margarita - Fresh cool spikey lime margarita with sweet juicy strawberry syrup
White Tea And Ginger - A wonderful fresh fragrant white tea with a tiny pinch of fresh ginger, really clean and spa like scent.

Soap Shop Scent Shots

Shop - Smells just like a soap shop EXCLUSIVE blend

Perfume Shop Scent Shots

Almond macaroon - A comforting confection of sweet almond and creamy coconut. Rich with cherries. Softened by vanilla. Warm and cocooning.
Jasmine and mint - beautiful sensual jasmine freshened with milk clean white mint
Red Roses - Full soft powdery red rose with no hint of sweetness.
Sweet Almond Macaroon - A delicate almond confection made into a popular perfume.

Premium Scent Shots

The Smoking Man - Whisps of fresh tobacco, freshly starched white shirt, layers of black coffee and amber over a manly fresh cologne.

Christmas Scent Shots

Apples and Evergreen - fresh green apples with crisp dark evergreen and winter woods
Candy Cane - Delicious sweet and crunchy peppermint candy canes, very refreshing and clean.
Cranberry Balsam - a wonderful fresh green scent blended with sweet n sour cranberries
Joyeux Noel - a warm inviting bouquet of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut and cassia a really creamy festive scent
Sugared cranberry - sweet and sour a wonderful bright fruity festive scent.

New Size - Christmas Scent Shots

Snow Angel - White musk with a hint of mint and buttercream.

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