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The Devil's Daughter - Layers of dark dank patchouli, fresh fragrant Spanish tobacco and the darkest velvet purple violets.
1000 Wishes - with accords of champagne, star fruit and golden quince. Its heart blossoms with crystal peony and purple freesia, followed by the warm base of amber, almond crème, sugared sandalwood and velvet musk.
A Close Shave - A clean fresh scent of freshly whipped shaving cream. whisps of moustache wax and hair oil. A lovely clean fresh scent.
A Hot Mess - super sweet creamy foam banannas wrapped in drumstick lolly taffy, a sweet and creamy candy blend. HB
A Watery Grave - A deep oceanic scent with layers of dark patchouli
A Week in the sun - smells like summer, layers of imogen and warm holiday ocean mingle with musky blackberry and a splash of suntan lotion.
A Yorkshire Rose - this is for my Nan, a true Yorkshire rose who grew the most beautiful smelling roses all her life. A strong heady summer rose blend, you HAVE to love roses but if you do this is a real treat.
Abbot in the Jungle - The abbot meets green fresh jungle love!
Abbot of Unreason - A rich patchouli, sandalwood blend with hints of citrus and vetiver.
Abbot of Unreason - Roomspray - A rich patchouli, sandalwood blend with hints of citrus and vetiver.
Ae Fond Kiss - a very romantic, breathtaking blend of soft shimmering chiffon, spring blossoms and heartache.
Alien Princess - A modern and very popular perfume dupe, very pretty and feminine.
Alkmaar - a beautiful soft jasmine scent, soft , soapy and vey comforting.
Almond Cookie Crunch - sweet almond cookies with a crunchy sugar topping
Almond macaroon - A comforting confection of sweet almond and creamy coconut. Rich with cherries. Softened by vanilla. Warm and cocooning.
Amber Shadows - Deepest darkest amber resin with light threads of jasmine and ylang ylang, a very sensual seductive scent.
American Dream - Complex delicious vanilla layers.
American Dream - Roomspray - Complex delicious vanilla layers.
Amish orchard - a sfot clean laundry blend kissed with orchard peaches
Apple Butter - soft sweet orchard apples cooked down to a thick buttery spread, spiced with cinnamon and thickly sweet with brown sugar.
Apple Mango Tango - Macintosh apples, pears and white roses make up this superfresh laundry scent
Apple Mango Tango Gain - fresh as a daisy and super strong a really lovely laundry scent for summer.
Apples and Evergreen - fresh green apples with crisp dark evergreen and winter woods
Apricot - Sweet fragrant summer apricots bursting with juice
Apricot Sugar Loaf - Fragrant apricots blended into a creamy bakery scent for a lovely sweet treat.
Aquaman - a lovely fresh clean male scent, a dupe of the very popular Acqua di gio.
Arabian Prince - layers of oud with a tiny pinch of sandalwood and fresh clean silky amber.
Arabian Princess - a beautiful deep mystical, patchouli, amber and sandalwood, a more feminine mystical with a pinch of saffron and oud. HB
Ariel - sweet sun warmed ocean with pretty pink perfume.
Aromatherapy Energise - A spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, aroma with a faint base note of citrus. For when you MUST get things done!
Aromatherapy Love - A very romantic aroma of fresh picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk.
Aromatherapy Passion - A blend for lovers! Lilac, gardenia, carnation and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses.
Aromatherapy relax - a beautiful spa scent, lots of aromatherapy oils to help you kick back and relax
Asylum - the dangerous corners of Charli Rawlins mind... deep dark and brooding, black musks, spikes of sandalwood and blood soaked earth. A dirty dark blend.
Aurora - from the princess box, Aurora is a lavender blend, a soft gentle pretty lavender blend with baby soft musk and pretty pink petals
Autumn Day - Celebrate the season with the crisp blends of oak, citrus and golden amber, inspired by fresh air, colorful leaves and strolling through a secluded wood on a sunny day. A bath and body works dupe.
Autumn Gold - a beautiful mystical, the last rays of sun hit the coppering leaves, forest moss and amber resin, crisp crunchy underfoot and just a hint of cool autumn evening air coming.
Autumn Leaves - A nip in the air, crunchy leaves all the colours of gold a beautiful autumn scent.
Autumn Nights - *nightfalls* on piles of crisp golden leaves.
Autumn Wreath - A cheerful, fall, and welcoming fragrance with the spicy warmth of autumn leaves, cinnamon apples, nutmeg and clove.
Ave a Bath - Beautiful fresh clean green lemongrass with musky powdery finish, very popular and very energising scent.
Ave a bath - Roomspray - Beautiful fresh clean green lemongrass with musky powdery finish, very popular and very energising scent.
Avo Fairy - Fresh zingy ave a bath with candy sweet pink snowfairy kisses
Avobunneh - A wicked new avofairy blend with fresh juicy pineapple slices. So strong and vibrant.
Avomania - avobath spiked with lemon sherbet on a blanket of sweet chewy raspberry chew bar, a zingy, sherbetty electric confection!! HB
Babies Bedroom - a wonderful soft comforting blend, not baby powder but a soft gentle musky scent with powdery notes and gentle soft clean petals.
Baby Chiffon - Beautiful pretty pink chiffon with soft creamy powdery musk.
Baby Girl - all things beautiful baby, powder and lotion and bath with a sprinkle of pink sugar. Soft clean and comforting scent.
Baby Kisses - Sweet and peaceful baby powder blended with pretty pink sugar, utterly beautiful!
Baby Love - beautifully soft and calm, a really nice nightime scent of you dont love lavender, soft musky baby powder, light lavender baby bath and soft calming baby lotion. if you like sing me to sleep I think you will love this.
Baby Powder - The fresh clean scent of baby powder, so comforting and gentle.
Bahama Mama - A tropical feast, all the tropical fruits with fresh creamy coconut.
Bakery Lovers Stack - We have Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Rhubarb and Apple Crumble, Hot Orange Danish and Lemon Curd Pink Sugar Creampuffs.
Ballater - a fresh scottish outdoorsy blend, cool peppermint with green herbs and mosses
Balsam - The greenest of the christmas scents, fresh green leaves, pine boughs, holly leaves for a fresh cool winter scent.
Balthezar - a mystical eastern blend, piles of deep sandalwood kissed with the blackest of shiny pearls. HB
Banana And Pineapple Split Myrtle - soft ripe banana, fresh pineapple slices and lots of creamy vanilla icecream.
Banana Butter Pudding - Delicious brown sugar topped buttery banana pudding
Banana Drama - Scarlet black raspberry and bright orange satsuma smothered in foam banana candy, its a lively one!!
Bat Wings - jet black shimmering wax scented with blackest liquorice, sweet, fragrant and masculine.
Bathoff - Dark violet leaf with no sweetness, a hint of eastern spice.
Bazinga! - his is a very old CWG blend, fresh juicy peaches, tangerine slices, and juicy pineapple with a sour lemon and lime topper layer! HB
Bazooka Fizz - Old fashioned bazooka Joe bubbly with sweet sticky raspberry chew bar.
Bazooka Joe - Old fashioned pink bubblegum, pear drops, sugar , the scent of childhood.
Beautiful Dream - a soft powdery musky floral, mystical by nature and utterly unique
Beautiful Shae - A very beautiful mystical scent with ambers, musks and sandalwood, lifted with slighty sweet dewy fruits.
Bedtime Bath - RoomSpray - gentle fresh clean lavender bubbles to soothe you to sleep.
Bedtime Bliss - the very popular pink bliss with a shot of soothing lavender
Belle - from the princess box, a warm vanilla musk scent with feminine perfumey notes.
Bengali Sunset - the sun sets over the horizon, amber and sandalwood musks swirl into the sweetly scented night air, a beautiful new mystical blend.
Bergamot - the citrus jewel of the Mediterranean is uplifting and bright. aromatherapy style and very spa like.
Birthday Cake - Light fluffy vanilla sponge with rich buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
Birthday Girl - Katie's birthday blend :) A lovely girlie scent, soft powdery musk with pink chiffon and gentle clean vanilla. This is lovely.
Bite My Monkey Butt - Fun fruity and smells like american Kool Aid! ALL the fruits in a big juicy mash :)
Bite me Bubblegum - Cherry punch meets sweet sticky bubblegum. Fruity, sweet and mouthwatering.
Black Amethyst - Vetiver, Sandalwood and exotic floral top notes blended to create a dark mystical fragrance
Black Cedar wood and Juniper - Midnight rain. Seductive with the carnal touch of cumin and chilli leaves. Dark with cedarwood. Humid with moss. Modern and urban.
Black Cherry Macaroons - A super strong cherry blend, light crisp sweet almond macaroons with heavy dark syrupy black cherries. This is SO strong, be careful
Black Cherry Merlot - this one is lovely if you like cherry, heavy black cherry syrup, crushed raspberry, deep dark merlot on a soft powdery base.
Black Cherry Pistachio Birthday - Delicate pistachio birthday cake smothered in black cherry syrup and sweet vanilla icing.
Black Coconut - beautiful fresh true to life coconut with no bakery notes.
Black Mirror - ayers of darkness to summon you to the demons. Amber, dark musk, sandalwood and burnt earth. Dangerously dark and brooding.
Black Raspberry Mallows - Delicious juicy dark raspberries swirled into mountains of fresh warm marshmallow creme
Black Star - the blackest of night sky studded with dim stars, the scent of patchouli, ground deady nightshade berries and dark deep herbs.
Black Velvet - a dark soft patchouli blend with sandalwood, musk, tonka bean and hints of lemon.
Black Velvet Corset - Thick heavy black raspberry syrup smeared over dark patchouli, light airy pink chiffon ribbons lighten and add a pretty back note.
Black Wax - a sandalwood and deep dark musk blend with soothing herbs for dark souls.
Black Withered Heart - sinister, dark and not for the faint hearted, deepest black tobacco, vetiver adds a masculine edge with amber and musk. A scent for after midnight.
Black cherry Pistachio Icecream - Super strong sweet and will kick out for HOURS!
Black magic - An earthy magical scent with Siberian fir and vanilla
Blackberry Candy Wonderland - Sharp blackberries and sweet cotton candy lifted by a pretty pink perfume scent
Blackberry Fizzbombs - sour, fizzy and fruity with a lovely blackberry kiss!
Blackberry and Bay - just like the beautiful perfume
Blackberry jam bakeoff - Sweet buttery cake with sticky hot blackberry jam and topped with icecream
Blackberry jam bakeoff - RoomSpray - Sweet buttery cake with sticky hot blackberry jam and topped with icecream
Blackcurrant Jelly Baby - smells just as it sounds, sweet tangy juicy blackcurrant jelly babies, strong and berrylicious!!
Blackcurrant Jelly Baby Fluff - Tangy blackcurrant jelly babies drowning in a sea of vanilla marshmallow fluff
Blind Date - a fresh mystical blend with light patchouli, fresh cool mountain water and a touch of juicy plum.
Blonde Moment - An incredible iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and cranberry.
Blood Orange - Tangy, juicy orange scent with just a touch of floral thyme. Super fruity!!
Blue Christmas - a classic holiday fragrance of orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon sticks
Blue Gain - strong and powerful, the manly blue sugar blended with oh so fresh gain washing powder, super strong and punchy!
Blue Raspberry Bubblegum - sweet fruity blue raspberry slushy blended with hot pink usa bubblegum
Blue Sugar - Fresh citrus creates a shimmering lift for this sensual vanilla based scent. A romantic floral bouquet at the heart of the fragrance intertwines with fresh green tones and rich patchouli. The vanilla signature at the base of the scent is balanced with soft musk and warmed by exotic woody tones for lingering sensuality
Blue Surrender - tears of joy, with nights of fire, I loved that boy. A beautiful deep still blend for thinking, lavender, deep dark musk and teardrops. HB
Bob Marley - all the jams jammed into one bar, big fat usa grapes with raspberries and blackberries.
Bonbon (the perfume type) - a beautiful pink and pretty perfume dupe, very fresh and feminine.
Boogie Nights - A super fruity blonde moment cocktail with crushed raspberry and a hint of cranberry.
Boston Tea Party - Delicious fragrant tea scent with a hint of sweetness, lovely and fresh.
Boxing Day Dip - there is a custom in certain seaside towns to strip off all you clothes and take a bracing swim in the freezing Boxing Day water, this scent is all the freezing cold fresh oceans you will ever need, cool , fresh and beautifully perfumed. HB
Bubblegum - Soft pink sweet and juicy bubblegum, just like you remember.
Bubblegum - RoomSpray - Sweet bubbly fun, just like you remember.
Bubblegum Birthday - Sweet sticky bubblegum blended with freshly baked birthday cake
Bubblegum Bitch - 2 sorts of bubblegum and a hint of cotton candy bitch!
Bubblegum Lollypops - ohhhhhh this is goood!! Sweet pink usa bubblegum wrapped round loads of fruity sweet lollypops, a candy delight!! HB
Bubbling Cauldron - a trio of witches gather round a bubbling cauldron of black plum and rhubarb, a tart fruity mouth watering scent.
Bucks Fizz - this is DELICIOUS! Sweet and tangy and bubbly all at the same time, freshly squeezed tangerine juice meets champagne cocktails. HB
Buddy's Christmas Stocking - A candylicious sweet fruity fragrance with pixie dust, piles and piles of taffy, second hand bubblegum and SUGAR!
Bugsy Malone - the most handsome manly smell kissed with lavender. A really lovely lavender manly scent. For quiet nights in *wink*
Bunny Naps - two layer myrtle with a marshmallow peep topper, lavender and sweet toasted marshmallows, a creamy soft relaxing sweet lavender blend.
Bunnykins - he softest of little tiny baby rabbits, a baby powder blend, soft white feathery perfume and a touch of clean baby bath. Really gentle and relaxing.
Bunnymunch - a fruit loops blend with piles of raspberries and strawberries and powered sugar candy.
Butterfly Kiss - A beautiful mystical treat, pretty pink girlie perfume meets purple mystical musks.
Butterfly Meadow - A fresh as air outdoorsy scent, green grass, light florals but mostly a pretty fresh scent.
Butterfly Summer - a very outdoorsy scent, fresh warm summer breeze with meadow fresh entwined with just a little fresh summer lavender. HB
Butterfly Wings - a fresh airy light lavender blend with apple blossom and pink petals.
Buttery Gingerbread - a rich smooth gingerbread scent, sweeter and more bakery than original, way more butter and brown sugar.
Cafe Culture - a mild coffee cakery scent, very creamy, fresh buttery croissants dipped in warm milky caramel kissed coffee.
Cafe Latte - smooth creamy sweet coffee
Calacus - The fragrance has a bright lime base with hints neroli and olibanum.
Camu Camu - Dark tropical fruits bursting with perfumed juice.
Candlewick Greens - a very fresh blend of moss, greenery and bright fresh spearmint, uplifting and calming.
Candy Cane - Delicious sweet and crunchy peppermint candy canes, very refreshing and clean.
Candy Carnival - chunks of bubblegum, salt water taffy, lime sherbet and blackcurrant jelly babies all drowned in multi colour lollypops!
Candy Corn - a rich buttery vanilla fudge scent, super sweet
Candy Girl - as sweet as candy, piles of fresh cotton candy kissed with fresh berries and creamy sweet vanilla frosting.
Candy Pop - Candy Pop - a blast from the past, I have been making this blend for a long long time, pure fun with bubblegum, watermelon slices and piles of fluffy candy cotton. Summery sweet and mouthwatering.
Candy Rainbow - layers and layers of all the candies in one big rainbow sugary slab
Candybag Grab Bag - a 9 box selection of candy scents with your own shopper bag and selection of real candy :)
Candylicious - Super sweet candy bags full of bubblegum, lollipops and piles and piles of strawberry bonbons! HB
Caramel Apple - sweet crisp apples dipped in a crunchy toffee candy coat.
Caramel Banana Betty - Delicious baked banana loaf smothered in rich caramel custard.
Caramel Latte - strong sweet coffee with hot milk and a big shot of sweet caramel syrup
Cashmere - a really pretty gentle laundry/perfumy type almost a mystical this is clean and fresh but much prettier than a straight up laundry.
Celebrations - Fresh clean intoxicating and so so uplifting with citrus oils and a sherbetty finish.
Cemetery Gates - a beautiful new deep lavender blend, tall whispering lavender, wet leaves and whispers of a love lost, sweet memories and sorrow. HB
Cereal Offender - Fruity rings dusted with pink sugar a slightly bakery fruity sweet scent.
Chai tea - Very warming yet fresh scent with notes of black tea and creamy white spices.
Champagne Breakfast - a fruit loop blend for luxurious types, sweet fruity fruit loops and a flute of well chilled champagne frosted with sugar. HB
Charli's Angels - fresh sweet juicy mango dipped in pink champagne sprinkled with pink sugar OH BOY!
Chasing Waterfalls - a beautiful water scent, fresh and clean and calm.
Cheeky Chops - sweeter than candy, piles of sugar cookies warm from the oven, drizzled in vanilla frosting and wrapped in a cloud of cotton candy.
Cherry Berry Taffy - Cherry slushy meets salt water taffy in an explosion of sugary fruity joy!
Cherry Blossom - delicate and light as air japanese cherry blossom
Cherry Lemonade - Fruity, refreshing with hints of sweet pink cherry.
Cherry Lovers Crack - all the cherry, black cherry, cherry berry punch and cherry lollypops!
Cherry Picker's Punch - Sunbaked Italian cherry pickers celebrate the end of the harvest with a heady brew, local wines, mountains of lemon and lime slices and of course cherries!
Cherry Sherbets - sweet red cherries with a powdering of fizzy sherbet
Cherry Slushie - a sweet and tangy cherry, super strong, think cherry slush puppy!
Cherry Tobacco - a very true to life tobacco scent with just the right amount of cherry
Cherrybobs 2017 - Sweet dark cherry with zesty fresh lime chunks and piles of spun sugar. A juicy very cherry treat!
Cherrybobs 2018 - deep black cherry, marshmallow pillows and a spike of lime.
Christmas Cabernet - a lovely warm holiday mulled wine scent.
Christmas Cabin - a wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.
Christmas Cookie - light vanilla scented butter sugar crusted cookies.
Christmas Cookies - light vanilla scented butter sugar crusted cookies.
Christmas Lights - All the candy, all the brightly coloured shiny, sweet and chewy candy in one pretty bar. HB
Christmas Memories - orange peel and cranberry sauce; flowing nicely into middle notes of cinnamon sticks and freshly ground cloves; with base notes of evergreen and pinecones
Christmas Past - Festive fruit notes are balanced with classic holiday foliage to capture the spirit of Christmas in this fragrance. Notes of mulberry, cranberry and zesty citrus peel with winter greens create a nostalgic appeal with boughs of balsam with hints of cool blue spruce and spice. A warm glow is created by the base of amber and musk.
Christmas Pyjamas - a beautiful new feminine laundry scent. Cosy up in clean soft fluffy jammies with waves of sweet perfume. HB
Christmas Rumballs - Sensuous blend of Citrus, Congac, fruits and Vanilla a best seller
Christmas Splendour - the most traditional of all the festive scents, it screams christmas in a very old fashioned classic way.
Christmas Stocking 2018 - back again and another set of delicious candy scents, lollypops, gummies and chewy taffy for a sweet treat. HB
Christmas Tree - a wonderful slightly sweet green pine scent, not too much resin just fresh clean outdoorsy scent
Christmas Wassail - a lovely warm apple cider with holiday spices, not too spicy mostly fruity and sweet.
Cider Lane - Apple Cider meets Caramel Apple. A yummy blend! You will totally love this delicious Fall scent blended with mulled cider, warm caramel and sweet cinnamon.
Cinderella - such a pretty mystical scent with amber and lilac and white musk
Cinderella Goes To The Ball - beautiful pretty pink chiffon chunks smothered in Cinderella blend, a mystical floral scent.
Cinders - a lush dupe, not very close in my opinion but a very nice scent, wont be back
Cinnabuns - Flaky butter pastry drenched in cinnamon, brown sugar and syrup, so warming and delicious.
Cinnamon Cookie Crunch - a strong cinnamon fragrance with a buttery cookie finish
Cinnamon Stick - Straight up spicy cinnamon, not sweet not bakery. A very warming scent.
Clare's Pair - sweet cherry candy with piles of satsuma oranges on top
Clean Breeze - The freshest of breezes blowing through your freshly washed bedding fluttering in the spring sunshine.
Clean Cotton - The popular clean fresh laundry scent.
Clear Mind - this is one for those nights that are so hot you just cant sleep, soothing lavender, fresh peppermint and a spike of menthol to clear your head and smooth out lifes ruffles!
Clementine - super fresh and zingy citrus scent with lots of sweet juice and tangy zests.
Clothesline - A fresh clean dryer sheets fragrance.
Cloud No. 9 - a blast from the past, a beautiful soft sleepy blend of spring lavender, peppermint and soft vanilla. HB
Coconut - cool creamy white coconut.
Coconut Cream Pie - Butery pie crust filled to the brim with creamy coconut vanilla pie filling, rich and delicious.
Coconut Milk and Honey - Sweet creamy coconut milk with fragrant honey and a twist of lemon zest
Coconut Shortbread Cookies - sweet vanilla shortbread topped with toasted coconut and sprinkled with sugar
Cola Cubes - Sweet crunchy sugary cola cubes, covered in sugar with a chewy centre, delicious!
Comforting Kiss - Blackcurrants and more blackcurrants, tart sweet with a hint of musk.
Cosmology - a very mystical blend, herbs, citrus and stardust, vetiver, oud and amber and a little dash of black velvety patchouli.
Cottage Breeze - An incredibly fresh aroma that will remind you of the alluring scent of salt water mist, and the feeling of the warm sands beneath your feet.
Cotton Candy - light as air, pink, soft and fluffy cotton candy, a great blender to sweeten anything up!
Cotton Candy Mac Apples - Crisp macintosh apple meets fluffy sweet cotton candy, a delicious combination!
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins - the Elf word for an airhead! Smells like everything an Elf would dream of, cotton candy, vanilla frosting, candy sprinkles and vanilla scented sugar!
Cotton Sheets - A fresh clean linen scent.
Country Christmas - bayberries, cranberries, and apples, with spicy nuances of nutmeg and cloves with a top note of orange zests
Cranberry Balsam - a wonderful fresh green scent blended with sweet n sour cranberries
Cranberry Peach Cider - So fruity and warming with chunks of peach, warm slightly spiced cider cup and a spike of sour cranberry
Cranberry Relish - sweet and sour fruity cranberry with a sherbetty zesty finish
Cucumber Cooler - a refreshing cucumber and mild fruity soda scent
Cucumber Melon - Very fresh and clean cucumber melon, more melon than cucumber!
Cucumber Mint - Cool fresh cucumber and peppermint leaves for a very refreshing clean scent.
Cuppa Chai - spiced indian chai with milk and a creamy spicy finish.
Daisy Type - a perfume dupe
Day Spa - a beautiful clean fresh lemon spa scent.
Daydreamer - a soft powdery feminine scent, if you like baby powder and baby bath and the like I think you will LOVE this, its more complex than them and really pretty
Deathly Decay - The most beautiful haunting floral with rose, ylang ylang and white jasmine, a beautiful romantic scent.
Deep Water - cold fresh ocean waves drawn from the deepest seas
Denim - Very fresh laundry type
Destination Relaxation - this is amazing, fresh peppermint oil with Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind while blends of Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration. Relieve stress after a long day, with this aromatherapy blend of very mild lavender and sage and spearmint, fresh ozone and dry down woods.
Dettol - a strong clean scent, just like you remember this is amazingly fresh and perfect for the Hinch Army!
Devil Woman - layers of evil, dark musks, cold midnight air, the wind in the leaves and sultry dark perfume to enslave all who smell it. A dark mystical with perfume notes and a slightly clean musky edge
Diamonds and Pearls - a brand new super glamorous laundry scent its a laundry for sure but with piles of high end perfumes, silky smooth white satin and crushed diamonds. HB
Dirty Cow - innocent imogen meets usa bubblegum, a very unusual blend with sweetness and perfume and sass!! HB
Dirty Dream - an utterly beautiful new mystical blend, so many layers of musk and amber and very light patchouli with green leaves and a baby soft powdery finish. A special guest Lins blend.
Dirty Girls - A filthy mashup of himalaya girl and filthy!! Wonderful blend :)
Disco Ball - a really unique feminine scent, gentle modern florals with hints of citrus and vanilla, a clean fresh fun scent with a little sexy sandalwood, a very easy to burn scent when you just want to smell something pretty.
Doodlebug - Doodle Bug is a blend of cream soda, fresh watermelon slices, hubba bubba bubblegum and cotton candy, the bubblegum dominates but its much sweeter and candier!
Double Cherry Cola - fizzy bubbly cola with a double shot of sweet black cherry syrup! HB
Double Lemon Drizzle Cake - a beautiful light buttery sponge loaf with two helpings of tangy lemon syrup. HB
Double Mint Smoothie - Spearmint, peppermint and cool smooth vanilla
Doublemint Candy - all the mint and none of the smoothie, strong fresh peppermint with spearmint candy this one is MINTY
Downy - Fragrant clean dryer sheets.
Dr Peppery - just like the popular fruity fizzy drink!
Dragon Girl - the most feminine dragon blend yet, warm earthy dragons blood lifted with light as air musky ethereal perfume. A touch of fresh summer rain and there she is. HB
Dragon's Claw - a very unusual mystical blend CAUTION this is an oily blend, it was last time and it is again, i tried my best with it but if you don't want the bother of an oily bum pie please don't buy this one.
Dragons Blood - The scent of mystical shops everywhere, amber resin, patchouli and spice its festival time!!
Dragons Claw - a very unusual mystical blend with patchouli and dark moss. CAUTION this is an oily blend, it was last time and it is again, i tried my best with it but if you dont want the bother of an oily bum pie please dont buy this one. HB
Dragons Tears - a new dragons blood blend with cool fresh mountain waters, mystical herbs and fire singed sandalwood.
Dream Date - a soft creamy romantic scent, a pinch of lavender, a pinch of soft coconut and swirled with fresh orchid blooms.
Dreamer of Dreams - We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams with soft sandalwood, herbal lavender and white musks
Dreamsicle Taffy - sweet sweet candy, creamy dreamy orange dreamsicle drowned in chewy pink saltwater taffy, the orange is super mild in this its more of a super sweet creamy taffy scent
Dreamtime - a soft musky lavender blend for sweet dream times
Drifting Away - Warm tropical spa scent, oceans and white beaches and perfect peace.
Drumstick Lolly - Just like you remember, raspberry vanilla milk lolly.
Dumbo - the softest whisper of baby soft love wrapped up in musks as gentle as a mothers love.
Earl Grey Tea - Fresh black tea with oil of bergamot a classy fresh scent.
Earl Grey and Cucumber - just like the popular refreshing perfume
Egyptian Dragon - a blend of essences of tears of myrrh, dragons blood, patchouli; with floral notes of rose and jasmine, and base notes of woodsy musk.
Egyptian Musk - The most beautiful of mystical blends, gentle calming and kind eastern breezes with musk and light incense.
Electric Gummy Bears - piles of freshly naked gummy bears, frosted with crunchy sour sugar, a mound of fresh fruit slices and spikes of sour lime sherbets. HB
Electric Lavender Candy - Soothing lavender with a massive show of effervescent fizz
Elf Sweat - All the festive candy in the world rolled into one big huge sugary pile.
Elle Woods - the delicious blend of champagne cocktails, pink chiffon and a touch of pink fairy magic.
Emotion Potion - a dirty lavender, a mystical soft developing scent for bad girls.
End Of Summer Party - the last of the warm evenings, Martini cocktails on the beach, mango, papaya and mimosa heavily scents the air.
Erotica - Imagine if you will a beautiful young man (or woman) covered in glistening tropical scented massage oil gently eating a selection of juicy fruits from your very naked body!! Ooer!! This is a deeply sexy fruity fragrance.
Extra Spoon - soft lavender, chamomile flowers, nightfalls. The most soothing gentle hug when you cant keep going. HB
Eye of newt and toe of frog - a bubbling concoction of toil and trouble! A laundry blend kissed with raspberry and lime. HB
Fairies and Pixies - a new avo fairy in the gang, delicious sweet and sour avo fairy meets Pixie Dust a delicate sweet strawberry magical scent. HB
Fairy Berry - A wonderful blend of berry rich comforting kiss and sweet pink snow fairy kisses
Fairy Cakes - your favourite pink fairy with sweet buttery birthday cake, if you are a snow queen fan I think you will like this one too!
Fairy Dust - A sweet blend pomegranate and citrus. Creamy undertones of berry and musk are sweetened with tiny hints of vanilla and sugar.
Fairy Floss - sweeter than candy! This is delightful pink confection is the sweetest of fairy floss wrapped around a sugar swizzlestick, sweet and deliciously pink! HB
Fairy Garden - Juicy apple bits and fully fragrant orange blossoms combined with tart cranberries, mulberries and blackberries. Tall grass and green herbs blowing in the breeze
Fallen Angel - Rich dark patchouli blended with incenses and black potions.
Falling Leaves - A nip in the air, crunchy leaves all the colours of gold a beautiful autumn scent.
Fantasia - A wicked frothy fizzy magical concoction! Zesty lime chunks, fairy magic and fizzy bubbly magic, sweet, sour and mouthwatering! HB
Fantasy - Dupe of a pretty perfume
Festival Wash - back again after a very long time, a kilmarnock campervan blend with clean fresh laundry, not like any festival washing I have ever smelled lol!
Filthy - Fresh spearmint with sandalwood and thyme very sensual and masculine.
Fizzy Cola - Ice cold fizzy cola, you can just about smell the bubbles!
Fizzy Pop - a usa scent very fizzy and zesty and sherbetty wonderful for blending with any fruit whatsoever
Floating Driftwood - A mixture of spicy, citrusy and green top notes complimented by floral middle notes of Lavender & Jasmine woody, musk and mossy bottom notes.
Flotsam and Jetsam - sinking, deep colder than ice ocean water, splintered oak barrels, the last scent of air before the waves swallow you forever. A dark mystical with a tiny hint of lavender, perfumed, oceanic and deep. HB
Fluffy Chicks - this is a very girlie soft fragrance blend, its a blend built around sex bomb so very pretty and feminine light clean jasmine and petals, its never going to blow your socks off but its super pretty.
Fluffy Pink Bubblegum - a very old blend of mine super sweet pink candy with juicy pink bubblegum
Fluffy Pink Lemon Drops - fluffy pink candy meets lemony gumdrops, a lovely candy blend with a little lemony kick. HB
Fluffy Pink Lime - zingy fresh lime zests with a dash of sweet pink fluffy candy
Fluffy Towels - thick soft fluffy white towels fresh from the washing machine, a clean soft laundry scent.
Foam Bananas - Just like the sweeties, fake sugary sweet banana sweeties.
Focus - The most unusual of lavenders with crisp red apple and white musks. To help you concentrate and focus on something that needs your full attention. HB
Forest Fairies - a very fresh green mystical fragrance, lots of long green grass, ferns and ivy winding up tall trees with branches heavy with fresh summer green leaves.
Forest Nymphs - Nestled in the forest among the redwood trees are playful little nymphs sitting on holly bushes playing songs on their flutes made of balsam twigs and dancing on the moss covered forest floor. While others stand watch wearing helmets of eucalyptus leaves and shoes of bay with red berries for button badges, they stand guard as the protectors of nature & their homes inside the cedar trees...
Fox River - oh so manly but not aftershavey, smells like sun warmed skin, fresh white tobacco and deep fast flowing waters.
Frankincense and Myrrh - a rich combination of olibanum, myrrh, patchouli, herbaceous woodsy pine, sheer musk, vanilla, and floral lilac notes.
French Apricot Sponge - sweet buttery sponge with sweet musky apricots
French Knickers - Purdy pink silky knickers! Lovely clean fresh laundry with pretty pink chiffon and a dusting of pink sugar.
Freshly Washed - A super clean laundry scent with fresh peppermint sure to blow away the cobwebs.
Fright Night - a new take on Strawberry Satin, still pretty and sweet but sexed up a bit for night time melting. A beautiful perfumery scent. Be Afraid! HB
Frilly Pink Lavender - A lovely pretty relaxing lavender blend with fresh laundry and sweet lavender.
Frilly Pink Lavender Lenor - strong fresh blue lenor kissed with frilly pink ruffles and lavender
Frost and Snowdrops - a romantic musk & sandalwood background, while providing the aroma of delicate winter flowers on a bed of soft vanilla
Frosted Pumpkin - This fragrance begins with fresh top notes of citrusy lemon, leading to middle notes of creamy pumpkin and hints of nutmeg and ginger; sitting on base notes of maple sugar and vanilla frosting.
Frosted Springwash - the sweetest freshest laundry with a pretty festive twist, snowdrops and cool white musks add a gentle note.
Frozen - Iced peppermint, frozen menthol and spearmint chewy overpour, so fresh!
Frozen Blue - Cool peppermint with musk woods and spices a complex peppermint blend just like the popular soap.
Frozen Margarita - So fresh and zesty, limes crushed over ice with a mexican shot!
Fruit - tea, Fruit- Tea! - This is a remake of an old time fave, chunks of fresh crisp apple, tart raspberry, tropical island fruit festival and tangy tangerines all drowned in fresh white tea.
Fruit Burst - a super fruity cocktail, tangerines and kiwi smashed with pineapple and fresh apple slices, hints of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrants, a real mixed fruit scent.
Fruit Fusion Gelato - this one is super zingy with lemongrass, lemons and limes, with oranges apples and strawberry, a fruit salad made creamy with thick vanilla ice cream.
Fruit Loop Selection Box - A fruity explosion of fruit loop blends
Fruit Slices - A lovely bright citrussy fruit blend, lovely and refreshing
Fruit Winders - Super fruity jelly sweeties with a juicy kick, tangy lime, orange and blackcurrant goodness.
Gain - The most delicious freshly washed laundry scent, strong and very popular!
Gain - RoomSpray - The most delicious freshly washed laundry scent, strong and very popular!
Gala Queen - a pretty summer scent, spring lavender surrounded by pretty pink petals and musky perfumes. HB
Garden Mint - fresh green garden mint, lots of foliage and leaf scent for a refreshing clean scent.
Gardenia - Clean white fresh tropical gardenia, unmistakable heady perfumed floral
Geisha Girl - a very pretty cherry blossom blend, light and summery and gentle.
Geisha Girl's Garden - a soft japanese floral, very clean and fresh and gentle.
Geisha Girls Washing Line - a beautiful freshly washed scent with cherry blossoms
Gelato Extravaganza Box - 9 scoops of delicious, mouthwatering creamy sweet icecreams and sorbets
General Woundwort - a dark sinister blend, it has to start with patchouli then layers of meadow herbs, evil tobacco and dank forest floor. Fragrant black wax with blood red topper, for brave rabbits.
Gingerbread Applesauce - Delicious rich gingerbread with tangy sweet applesauce, not a brittle a big tub of happy little gingermen!
Gingerbread Latte - A best seller!! Warming creamy coffee with rich spicy gingerbread syrup, so comforting and perfect for a cold day!
Girlfriend in a Coma - a dark blend of patchouli and lavender and deep dark musky perfume
Glampervan - A feminine touch added to our house blend kilmarnock camper van
Glenn - Walking Dead clam
Glinda - the prettiest of witches, full of goodness and light, a pretty pink perfumey blend for all the good witches out there. HB
Glistening Snow - cool fresh winter scent, snow drifts and forest with juniper and balsam.
Glistening Snow - A wonderful holiday scent bursting with fresh Bayberry with undertones of cinnamon, clove and hints of peppermint.
Glittery Vampire - A delicious malty comforting lavender blend.
Gogo Juice - the most fizzy, fruity explosion of tropical berry madness.
Golden Brown - Two distant lands, takes both my hands, never a frown with Golden Brown. A deep mystical, swirling amber, dark amber, white light mystical notes and warm soft sandalwood.
Golden Lights - the softest of mysticals, amber, incense and sandalwood kissed vanilla. Soft warm and relaxing
Golden Oldies - 10 shot selection of Candlewick Greens greats!
Golden Oldies - 10 shot selection of Candlewick Greens greats!
Goth Fairy - a dark mystical with patchouli shot with your favourite pink fairy.
Grandmas Kitchen - Hot apple cider bubbling on the stove with strong cinnamon spice mix, hints of warm buttery pastry and wood from the stove, a wondreful warming autumnal aroma.
Grandpa Joe - a comforting masculine blend of pipe tobacco, worn tweed, shaving soap and a hug of vanilla
Granny Phyllis's Seaside Washtub - the most beautiful laundry blend in memory of a gentle kind lady, sweet sunshine dried laundry, a fresh seaside breeze with notes of summer garden and sun soaked cottage garden.
Grannys Blanket Box - a very old fashioned laundry scent, very clean and comforting and soothing.
Grape Pop Saltwater Taffy - super sweet and juicy grape pops smothered in salt water taffy... mmmm
Grape Sangria - Juicy grape sangria blends juicy sweet grape juice and cool refreshing Spanish vino.
Grape Sangria Cotton Candy - Delicious grape sangria bursting with fruit wrapped round in sweet cotton candy
Grape Soda - Sweet juicy grape soda pop
Grape Soda Fountain - a delicious fruity grape lemonade blend
Grapefruit Cologne - This fragragrance is so clean and uplifting, a very fragrant grapefruit, very crisp and refreshing.
Grapefruit Sherbet - Sweet and sour and tangy and fruity!
Grapfruit Spa - Not just a fruit scent, a clean fresh spa scent.
Greedy Girls - this is unreal, sweet thick strawberry jam with buttery and tart lemon curd on a mountain of whipped cream, a super sweet delicious blend!
Green Godess - Fresh green, woody and sexy! green godess surrounds herself with dark ferns, golden amber and precious resins from the east
Green Tea - very refreshing green tea, perfumed and very true to life scent
Grey Vetiver - Fresh aftershave type, really clean and complex.
Griphook - a dark green rancid blend of aggression and power, sage and tall grasses, a whisper of half dead lavender and mystical spices.
Guy Fawkes - whisps of smoke, saltpetre and murder, gunpowder dusted with sweet amber on a mystical sandalwood base this is a wonderful mystical scent really warming and strangely comforting!
Gypsy Girl's Meadow - A very pretty nature/mystical scent, fresh meadow flowers and pretty feminine perfume
Gypsy Girls Washing Line - A pretty floral and fresh laundry, very light on the laundry.
Hallello - usa finest, concorde grapes squashed into piles of sugary sweet pink bubblegum.
Halloween - Mystical - The Gravediggers Wife - cold damp freshly dug earth and whisps of fresh herbal lavender for the gravediggers wife cursed to walk the graveyards looking for her murdered beloved every year at Halloween. The Headless Horseman - roaming the country roads in full moonlight, fragrant tobacco, cologne and ice cold metal. A manly mystical scent. The White Lady 2017 - faded blooms, a wedding bouquet never held rotting under the weight of a bride murdered before she could walk up the isle, white lace and bloodstains. Gunpowder Treason and Plot - birnt night air, old oak and gunpowder, a dark mystical with smoke and fire. Soul Rise - the evil and the deadly rise again for Halloween, a dark herbal eastern mystical with incense and indian spices. The Witches Titty - a fizzy sharp scent, lemon spiked with sour fruit and lemon rinds. A sour puckering scent.
Halloween - Sweet Treats - Candy Corn - sweet caramel type, vanilla custard, piles of sugar. Pumpkin Marmalade Loaf - sweet soft pumpkin loaf, baked with tangy orange marmalade glaze. Pumpkin Spiced Vanilla - a sweet pumpkin scent with lots of sugared cinnamon. Candy Apple - fresh crisp apple with a thick crunchy candy shell. Frosted Pumpkin - soft fluffy pumpkin muffins with thick fluffy frosting. Enchanted Candy Bag - this years witches candy bag is a fizzy one, piles of lovehearts and fizzy strawberry laces. (less of this one)
Handwashed With Love - a brand new laundry scent, soapy bubbles, warm steam and beautiful clean washing powder, its very fresh and soapy and clean.
Hansel And Gretels House - Just like the fairytale, buttery gingerbread, sugar cookies, gummy sweets and more and more treats!
Harry Potter - a very dark smokey mystical selection for dark heavy scent lovers only
Hawaiian Breeze - the heavenly heady aroma of Hawaiian jasmine flowers, sweet intoxicating and a very tropical scent.
Heaven's Door - Perfect for remembering someone special, layers of sandalwoods softened with vanilla sugar.
Heavenly Peace - Beautiful calming herbal lavender blended with white musks, fresh clean air and light perfumey notes, a really calming scent.
Heavenly Peace - Roomspray - A soft comforting mystical, musky calming and gentle with added lavender for deep relaxation.
Here Come The Boys - A collection of manly scents
Here Come The Girls - Half Pretty Woman half Marilyn Monroe
High Street - All the scents of a busy soap shop, a wonderful musky blend.
Hillbilly Homebrew - mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wildberries.
Hodor - frosted juniper berries crushed into the soil with the scent of green grass, the scent of The North.
Hogmanay Punch 2017 - all the festive fruit with just a little spike of holiday booze!
Holiday Romance - the perfect sexy summer scent, baking hot sands with fruity cool cocktails, a spritz of your favourite light perfume on a hot summer night.
Holidazzle - an uplifting combination of cranberry juice, bayberry, fir needles, clove & vanilla
Hollywood Glamour - sultry, deep and sensual, musks with orchids, amber and iris, a perfume scent loaded with night time glamour. HB
Home for the Holidays - bay leaves, orange, and lemon; followed by middle notes of spruce, pine, and clove; and well rounded with base notes of eucalyptus, pine, and amber. A lovely fresh green fragrance.
Honeymoon Hideaway - Watching the night sky with the one you love on a tropical island paradise, sweet white coconut, palm trees and a spike of tropical citrus - a guest Cheryl blend
Honeywashed - Honey toffee vanilla goodness
Hot Cocoa - A steaming mug of comforting hot chocolate, soothing and warming delicious scent.
Hot Maple Toddy - a warm, after dinner drink with pronounced notes of maple and rum, leading to a buttery, creamy vanilla and caramelized sugar base note. (prone to being oily dont buy it if you cant deal with an oily bottom)
Hot Milk Type - LIke the soap shop bath bubbles, no scent of milk at all just a soft creamy musky floral
Hot Milk and Sugar - Super comforting sweet and milky.
Hot Rock Massage - a brand new spa blend, aromatherapy oils, warm towels and the freshest of spa scents, a lovely fresh aromatherapy blend.
Hot Toddy Tea - turkish apple tea, mildly spices with cinnamon and sweet dried apple slices.
Hummingbird - a delicious fruity floral, tart kiwi with hints of pineapple, tiger lilies, lilacs and a little chunk of juicy pear, very feminine and uplifting.
Ice Capade - peppermint and lemon dusted with sherbet and soft powdery snow.
Ice Capade Pie - peppermint and lemon dusted with sherbet and soft powdery snow.
Icecapade - peppermint breeze with a little hint of lemon menthol a fresh cool minter fragrance!
Incense Sticks - smouldering waves of fragrant smoke, whisps of amber and patchouli, precious resins from india with ancient musks.
Indian Sandalwood - warm, sweet, rich, woodsy fragrance.
Indian Summer - top notes of strawberries and green apples and pears; middle notes of geranium and basil; bottom notes of oak and fresh greenery. Very Complex
Indigo Ink - a beautiful mystical blend born from the bettys, dark violets with swirling dark patchouli and musky sea waves.
Innocent Imogen - Sweet, gentle and very beautiful, Imogen is an intoxicatingly pretty, pure scent. Young and peaceful with white orchids, musk and calming relaxing notes.
Innocent Imogen Roomspray - Sweet, gentle and very beautiful, Imogen is an intoxicatingly pretty, pure scent. Young and peaceful with white orchids, musk and calming relaxing notes.
Innocent Kiss - A lovely mystical blend of gentle soft innocent imogen with violet petals, soft powdery pink perfume and white musk.
Island Driftwood - sun warmed beach wood scent, manly and strong cool water kissed with creamy coconut . HB
Island Fruit Pineapple - the delicious island fruit festival blended with loads of sweet juicy pineapple slices very summery and tropical and juicy!
Island Mango Fizzy Pop - Juicy fresh mango swirled into super sweet n tangy fizzy pop, a tropical tempting treat! HB
Island Paradise - If you liked monoi de tahiti you will like this! Its sun baked tropical white sands, kissed with rich coconut oil and tropical tiare flower, its a holiday in a little tub
It's Ladies Night - layers if pink on pink, 4 beautiful perfumes
Jack Frost - the most beautiful sweet peppermint and vanilla scent, clean and strong and delicious.
Jackfruit - A tropical fruit, very unusual much like a cross between banana and pineapple with a little mango!
Jadis The White Witch - A haunting mystical, Jadis is not cold she is warm and dark and deep, a strong rich scent with tuberose and jonquil, old tarred ship rope, frozen black hearts and cold flat ocean. HB
Jam Tarts - Warm butter pastry overflowing with sweet sticky strawberry jam.
Jammin' Rock candy - berry trio of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus brought together by icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy.
Jasmine and mint - beautiful sensual jasmine freshened with milk clean white mint
Jelly Baby Fluff - Black jellybabies smothered to death under a pile of whipped marshmallow fluff
Jelly Glazed Doughnuts - Sweet jelly oozing all over fresh sweet yeasty doughnuts covered in crunchy sugar crystals
Jenny's Cosmic Jelly - This is HAMAZING! Crazy legs herself made this and its delicious, its sweet, pink, fruity and creamy all at the same time, crushed black raspberry mashed into piles of marshmallow fluff and drenches in sweet pink snowfairy.
Joy - a beautiful chocolate orchid blend with a cheeky spike of fresh fizz.
Joyeux Noel - a warm inviting bouquet of vanilla beans, cinnamon, coconut and cassia a really creamy festive scent
Juicy Pear - not a candy scent but almost, more juicy and fresh than pear drops.
Juicy Pineapple - Sweet juicy pineapple slices bursting with tangy juice.
Juicy Sweet Cherry - Plump sweet cherries bursting with juice
Jungle Love - An earthy, tropical tonic made with green cypress and cedarwood with hints of ylang ylang.
Just like heaven - gentle lavender with sun warmed ocean and pretty perfume notes.
KIF - The post beautiful pink powdery fragrance, delicate and so pretty with soft jasmine and musks
Kai - This incredibly unique, spa fragrance oil is an aroma that contains notes of gardenia, jasmine, cyclamen, lilac, hyacinth, mimosa flower, rose, muguet/lily. Very fresh and clean but not laundry
Karmic - Rich patchouli with spiced orange just like the popular soap shop
Katie's Box Of Secrets - Each scent is only a few grams under a full small pie, This is a LARGE box that we haven't used before. All 4 scents have the same amount in each, I estimate at least 20-30 meltings from each scent depending on how much you like to use. All new blends. Soft pie wax blend, chill to release from the box. Darker Pink - Esmeralda - the prettiest most feminine of laundry scents, piles of rose petals and spring blossoms just kissed with light laundry, very much a floral laundry but young and modern. White - Really Nice ( will melt with a white gold shimmer) - a soft powdery scent with a spike of fresh raspberry juice, layers of blossom and musks mingle in this soothing comforting scent. Lilac/pale purple - Pyjama Day - the mystical corner, silky smooth indian insence blended with evening sky and cool wood moss a wonderful meditation blend for the sweetest of dreams. Pale Pink - Princess Dreams - a Katie's Room blend, sweet, girlie and innocent with just a shot of sophistication. If you like your feminine pretty scents I think you will love this.
Katie's Freshers - A very exciting new time, parties, nightclubs and a brand new home, this is a beautiful blend, possibly my favourite of this restock, gentle soft patchouli, pretty pink musk and threads of white lilly, white blossoms and orchids. Its a grown up girlie blend very romantic and attracting. HB
Katie's Moment - A beautiful sophisticated blend of bergamot, champagne, raspberries and iris with subtle notes of sandalwood and vetiver, a very glamorous blend for ladies with expensive tastes.
Katie's Room - A pretty fresh girlie blend with pink sugar and musks.
Katie's Room at Bedtime - a wonderful relaxing twist on the popular girlie blend, lavender mingles with musk and soft clean powdery notes to make a dreamy soft scent .
Katie's Summer Room - Katie's room has had a makeover, a bit more grown up and glamorous, the same soft powdery pretty scent with added soft perfume, a lovely relaxing scent for any time of day or night. HB
Kilmarknock Camper Van - Hippies, dark purple, flared denim and the scent of the summer of love!
Kilmarnock Camper Van - RoomSpray - Hippies, dark purple, flared denim and the scent of the summer of love!
King in the North - ice cold air, snowdrifts and the hard fought sweat of The King in the North HB
Kittens and Mittens - a very large version from the advent scent box x
Knock Out Drops - strong summer lavender, herbal lavender and a soothing herbal infusion to knock you out (hopefully)
Kola Shampayne - I am very pleased with this! Do you know the drink? I LOVE the drink and this is just like it, a tall frosty can of cola with a caribbean hit of luscious island fruits.
Koolaid Twist - sa fruit punch cool aid with a shot of fizzy pop! HB
Kringleberry - fresh cut evergreens, and juicy apples, delicate white winter florals, sprigs of bright-and-cheery hollyberry, and fruity cranberries and red currants.
Kudzu - sweet green grapes with white musk and hints of honeyed peach
Lady Bosanko's Love Potion - layers of pretty pink petals kissed with lemon musk and hints of soft sandalwood.
Lady Bosanko's Lovers - A beautiful lemon perfume blend with a hint of fruity pink wickedness!
Lady Boss Orange - smells just like the popular pretty perfume
Lady Katherine - Zesty fresh lime fragrance just like the popular soap.
Lady Susan - when I was a child our local community centre was a massive dark spooky mansion, tall rooms and turrets, wooden floored hallways with high stone walls and a real dungeon. The spirit said to walk the halls and rooms at night was Lady Susan, murdered the day before her wedding by her evil stepmother to be. Lady Susan walks again, with lavender and warm wedding blooms. If you like Lavender supreme this one is for you :) HB
Late Night Date Night - Super relaxing grown up lavender blend with layers of perfume, sandalwood and vanilla.
Late Night Date Night - RoomSpray - Super relaxing grown up lavender blend with layers of perfume, sandalwood and vanilla.
Laundry Layers - five of the nicest freshest laundry scents in a big fresh smelling pile.
Lavender - Made with a combination of herbal fragrance oil and real essential oil this will relax and soothe you.
Lavender Butter - Fresh herbal lavender blended with buttery vanilla for the most soothing calming scent ever.
Lavender Chiffon - A pretty mystical pink perfumy blend with soothing lavender.
Lavender Chiffon Birthday - Pretty pink chiffon and lavender mingle with a richly frosted birthday cake, delicious and not heavy bakery.
Lavender Doves - back again after years and years, soft white soap with fresh herbal lavender.
Lavender Dreams - sandalwood and lavender kissed with vanilla sugar, very soft and perfect for evenings
Lavender Faerie - fresh lavender kissed with pink sugary fairy magic
Lavender Freshmint - strong lavender kissed with peppermint and spearmint.
Lavender Gain - Really relaxing combination and strong!!
Lavender Grace - a beautiful lavender blend, mimosa, musk and gentle white musks for a pretty relaxing scent
Lavender Imogen - Pretty Imogen blended with herbal relaxing lavender.
Lavender Lady - a new soft lavender blend with orchids musk and a dusting of powdered sugar
Lavender Laundry - Clean fresh washing with a big hit of fresh calming lavender
Lavender Layers - layers of all the lavenders in one massive pie
Lavender Leaves - a beautiful herbal lavender blend, lots of fresh green leaves, dew soaked green ferns and moss.
Lavender Lemonade - Cool bubbling sweet lemonade with a hint of herbal lavender.
Lavender Light and Shade - beautiful lavender darkened with sweet spicy spanish gold and lightened with fresh french vanilla
Lavender Lotion - Soothing pink lotion infused with herbal lavender a very relaxing scent.
Lavender Love - another pretty lavender blend, waves of pink perfumes and light sweet lavender. HB
Lavender Lovers - This is much much larger than it looks, the wax weight is a minimum of 675g so that means each cube is a similar size to a clam! Each cube should give you at least 6 meltings. The bottom of the box has each scent and clp so you can tell which scent is which. In this box we have... Lavender Steamie Lavender Imogen Lavender Chiffon Lavender Light and Shade Pink Lavender Lavender Clouds Lavender Bubbles Lavender Riptide NEW Spanish Gold Lavender (less of this one to allow the box to close properly)
Lavender Marsmallow - Fresh herbal lavender with sweet vanilla marshmallow.
Lavender Martini - A wonderful fresh cocktail of soda water shot with lemon and lime rinds lifted with just a touch of lavender buds.
Lavender Milk - Soothing, comforting and beautiful, fresh herbal lavender combined with creamy coconut milk.
Lavender Mint - This is utterly beautiful really refreshing calming and energising. Perfect for bedrooms and long summer evenings.
Lavender Mint Caress - beautiful relaxing lavender blended with mint caress, a lovely minty scent with layers of different mint and perfume notes. HB
Lavender Moon - Lavender moon is beautiful, its a strong mystical, layers of tuberose, orchids, lily and vanilla all blended with lavender, a very calming blend.
Lavender Nightmares - If lavender were a man driven crazy by lust and jealousy he would be Lavender Nightmares/the darkest most dangerous lavender you have ever smelled.
Lavender Rain - cool fresh summer rain kissed with herbal lavender very relaxing and comforting.
Lavender Rock pool - strong herbal lavender with cool fresh coastal water
Lavender Shadows - Herbal lavender with amber, oud and mystical spices.
Lavender Snowflake Sparkle - a pretty woody mystical kissed with real lavender oil. HB
Lavender Soap - Soft, clean, fresh and compforting. Lavender soap just like you remember.
Lavender Springwash - Half springwash half herbal lavender x
Lavender Steamie - Half the steamie half herbal lavender x
Lavender Sunshine Roomspray - this is a bright citrus scent, a very cheerful uplifting scent with lots of essential oils of orange and clementine just kissed gently with a lavender finish.
Lavender Supreme - every lavender you will ever need, strong powerful and full of essential oils a dream scent for lavender lovers
Lavender Tea - Clean, freshly brewed tea with strong herbal lavender
Lavender Van - beautiful herbal lavender camper van, calming, thought provoking and very mystical!
Lavender Wishes - a most beautiful pretty perfume lavender blend, kissed with soft petals and a powdering of sugar.
Lavender Ying and Yang - strong herbal lavender with rich earthy patchouli and vanilla cream
Lavender gain - Really relaxing combination and strong!!
Lavender sunshine - this is a bright citrus scent, a very cheerful uplifting scent with lots of essential oils of orange and clementine just kissed gently with a lavender finish.
Lavender's Blue - a beautiful new lavender blend, soft lavender woven into white blooms and whisps of musk and white amber.
Lemon Blueberry Muffins - Sweet lemon muffins studded with plump bursting blueberries.
Lemon Curd - Freshly made, rich butter lemon curd packed with zest and juice, really creamy and so tangy!
Lemon Curd - Freshly made, rich butter lemon curd packed with zest and juice, really creamy and so tangy!
Lemon Curd Birthday Cake - Rich smooth tangy lemon curd with light fluffy vanilla birthday cake, delicious!
Lemon Curd Butter Crunch - Thick tangy lemon curd over buttery cookie bars
Lemon Curd Cotton Candy - sweet pink cotton candy swirled into thick buttery tart lemon curd. HB
Lemon Curd Marshmallow - Rich creamy zingly lemon curd with sweet fluffy marshmallow
Lemon Curd Marshmallow Birthday - A bakery delight of fresh light birthday cake and lashings of lemon curd marshmallow frosting
Lemon Curd Roomspray - Freshly made, rich butter lemon curd packed with zest and juice, really creamy and so tangy!
Lemon Curd Strawberry White Cake - layers of lemon curd swirled into strawberry white cake
Lemon Curd Sugar Loaf - Light lemon sponge loaf filled with tangy lemon curd and encrusted with crunchy lemon sugar frosting
Lemon Drop Gain - sweet candy lemon drops with strong fresh gain laundry
Lemon Fresh Linens - A wonderful fresh washing scent with sun warmed lemon juice to zest it up!
Lemon Green Tea - a new house blend of delicious refreshing green tea with a big shot of fresh lemon juice and a twist of lemon rind
Lemon Lavender - fresh lavender with a creamy rich lemon
Lemon Pound Cake - Light lemony baked sponge cake with lashings of sweet lemon sugar icing.
Lemon Sherbet Lollypops - crunchy sticky lollypops filled with sweet and sour lemon sherbet
Lemon Sunshine - the freshest of lemon perfume, like a lovely lemony spa treatment, way more perfume than lemon but absolutely a lemon scent.
Lemon Sutin' - Lemon extravaganza! Lemon curd rich and buttery, lemon sherbet light and zingy and tart lemon juice and rind, its lemony!
Lemon Tea - fresh black tea with lemon an gentle fresh scent
Lemon Zest Gain - Freshly washed laundry with tart zesty lemon zest :)
Lemon Zest Margarita - Zingy zesty fresh lemon squeezed into a freshly iced margarita
Lemon and LIme Fizzbombs - the strongest punch in the face of pizzy lemon and sharp acid lime with just a pinch of sugar candy
Lemonade Sparkles - lemons lemons everywhere, a beautiful strong lemony explosion, fizzy, fresh and very very lemony! A bright lemon punch in the face.
Lemonade Zinger - raspberry and lime with a twist of satsuma all drowned in tart fruity lemonade
Lenor Fresh - a wonderful fresh laundry softer scent, super strong and so clean smelling.
Lilac Duvet - a wonderful feminine floral fresh laundry blend
Lilliquoi Tea - a creamy white tea with delicate fresh passionfruit juices
Lilted - its a totally tropical taste! Pineapple and sharp grapefruit, a customer favourite.
Lilted - RoomSpray - Just like the fizzy drink, totally tropical!
Lily of the Valley - A gentle pretty floral perfect for summer evenings.
Lime Basil and Mandarin - Just like the popular clean smelling perfume. Super popular!
Lime Cooler - cool fresh long lime with a dash of soda
Lime Lollypops - zingy and sweet, crunchy, sticky lime lollypops!
Lime Margarita - fresh zingy lime, sugar crystals and a pinch of rocksalt in this refreshing fruity cocoktail
Lime Sherbet - all the lime zest wrapped up in sweet tangy orange sherbet.
Lime Sherbet Lollypops - sweet n sour, sharp and tangy, lime lollypops with a fizzy sweet centre.
Limeade Baby Betty - delicious fizzy limeade
Little Black Dress - This mixture of sandalwood, natural musks, with hints of vanilla and patchouli, it smells like expensive perfume on a wonderful night out.
Little Blonde Pixie - sweet and juicy blonde moment meets pretty pink strawberry pixie dust very sweet and girlie.
Lolita - Sweeter than sugar, lollypops meet innocent pretty pink perfume, a delicious new blend! HB
Long Lemonade Cooler - a grown up drink for refreshing uplifting fragrance on a hot summers day, home made lemonade with with twist of zest over crushed sour raspberries.
Love Hearts - Fizzy crunchy candy sweeties
Love Spell - The popular secrets scent
Lovecats - this is hot!! A warming soft sensual blend, ambers, musks and aged patchouli, lilly and sandalwood mingle with a tiny hint of bergamot, this is a wonderful rounded blend for night time shenanigans!! HB
Lucky Leprechauns - Green irish tweed, a puff of green fairy dust and soft Irish rain, a clean, manly mystical scent. HB
Luna - A shot of magical moonligh beams through the midnight sky, layers of night blooing jasmine with white lilly mingle with musk and clean white satin.
Luna Lovegood - in all darkness there must be light, she is strong and fresh and very unusual, feminine in parts and pretty but with a sharp fresh spike.
Lunar - A shot of magical moonlight beams through the midnight sky, layers of night blooming jasmine with white lily mingle with musk and clean white satin.
Lush Layers Fresh - the fresh one, these lush layers will come in several combos this is a fresh clean musky one, layers of prince charming (neroli) the olive branch (bergamot) and Big ( mandarin neroli and white musk)
Lust For Life - heavy heady rich dark jasmine, so very sexy and naughty!
Mac Apple And Cotton Candy - sweet crisp mac apple slices with piles of fluffy sweet cotton candy. HB
Maleficent - Dark heavy violet swirled into deep lavender a beautiful relaxing combination
Malfoy Manor - the scent of the death eaters, swirling sandalwoods, dark musk and a powdering of enchanted sugar. A warm suffocating mystical.
Mandarin Tiki - citrus rinds, hints of berries, pineapple chunks and sunshine
Mango Icecream Cookie - sweet creamy mango icecream smashed between two freshly baked sugar cookies
Mango Peach Salsa - Fruity, juicy and sweet and tangy all rolled into one.
Mango Sorbet - Sweet fruity mango sorbet so very uplifting.
Mango and Papaya - Tropical fruity blend of ripened mango and juicy papaya.
Mardi Gras - a fun fruity explosion of cherry berry, kiwi, bubblegum and tropical fruits.
Marilyn Monroe - Oh the glamour! Yards and yards of sweet pink chiffon with champagne cocktail bubbles to tickle your nose!
Marshmallow Pops - a delicious creamy sweet marshmallow, rolled in smashed candy lollies. HB
Marshmallow Topped Hot Chocolate - rich creamy cocoa with sweet and sticky melting marshmallow topping
Melchior - A dark delight, moonlight, stars, a blanket of deep patchouli lifted with perfumes, resins and eastern ambers. Its a beauty. HB
Mermaids Kiss - ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals; followed by middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.
Mermaids Slumbers - a pink chiffon blend with relaxing rock pools and gentle lapping waves.
Mermaids Tears - a brand new aquatic blend, soft salty waters with fresh sage and thyme, a beautiful fresh ocean scent.
Merman - From the deep, beautiful cool oceans kissed with fresh breathtakingly handsome man scent! This is not the same as the last version of this scent its totally new and in my opinion MUCH BETTER!! HB
Merry Cherry Candy - all the cherry you will ever need wrapped up in a blanket of spun sugar
Midnight Camper Van - The dark brooding mysterious one in the popular van series, dare you try it?
Midnight Lavender - The darkest deepest lavender with mystical spices and hints of old leather and earth.
Midnight Lavender - RoomSpray - The darkest deepest lavender with mystical spices and hints of old leather and earth.
Midnight Mermaid - waves of cool blue ocean, soft moonbeams of musk and mystical perfume, a very soft and relaxing scent for nightime
Midnight Pomegranate - A beautiful dark musky juicy scent, dark fruits, amber and sweet pomegranate.
Midnight Rose - Deepest darkest rose meets black velvet sky.
Midnight Rose - Deepest darkest rose meets black velvet sky.
Midnight Sky - A NEW mystical, deep midnight purple wax shot with midnight blue, a hippy mystical type with notes of vetiver, jasmine and green clovers on a background of incense and musks.
Minime's Cwtch - a warm hug of lavender and neroli kissed with orange blossom and clementine rinds.
Mint Caress - A delicious grown up mint scent, peppermint with hints of spearmint and musk.
Mint Choc Chip Icecream Scoop Bread - just as it sounds, a big clump of buttery ice cream scoop bread cake, thick with vanilla and crusted with brown sugar topped with a scoop of melting mint choc chip ice cream. A very bakery blend. HB
Miss Vaaanjee - purple- the deepest darkest violets candied up with piles of pink sugar candy.
Mistletoe and Ivy - a fresh green festive scent, refreshing and outdoorsy.
Mojito - juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves with frosty ice cubes and sodawater
Monkey Farts - Everything a monkey eats! Bannana, mango, coconut, peach, berries and pineappples
Monoi De Tahiti - Delicate pikaki blossoms macerated in clean coconut oil a tropical island scent, perfect for long hot summer evenings.
Moonlit Campervan - The popular hippy blend of camper van with beautiful moonlit path.
Moonlit Lavender - a very relaxing mystical blend heavy on the herbal lavender perfect for an evening sleepy time melt.
Moonlit Tea - a strong masculine tea scent with black tea and mystical herbs.
Moses Basket - a very gentle laundry blend, fresh soft comforting baby bedtime bath with clean fresh springwash. This is a lovely gentle laundry with more of the soft clean lavender than laundry.
Mr Brightside - Just like the bring orange Happy soap or bubble bar a tangy perfumy citrus scent
Mr Wonderful - Beautiful Issey Miyake aftershave its quite heady and strong
Mulberry - Rich sweet dark and heavy with juice, a wonderful fruity winter fragrance.
Murray Mints - Creamy Buttery sweet peppermint candies.
Muscadine grape - Beautifully musky perfumed grapes heavy with juice.
My Beautiful Laundrette - Fresh and clean, a super new washing powder scent
My Darling Clementine - Super fresh and zingy citrus scent with lots of sweet juice and tangy zests.
My Lady Story - a beautiful new perfume scent, not pink but sultry and sexy with lilies and amber
My Love is You - a beautiful peacock green swirling into green, sandalwood, Indian incense and soft gentle jasmine, for my lovely Leigh xx HB
Mystic Moonstone - a mystical blend, very unusual, musks and bergamot with white amber and magnolia.
Nag Champa - Just like the incense, fragrant musks and ambers for that earthy relaxing aroma.
Nagini - a beautiful mystical blend of nag champa, amber and a whisper of pink sugar
Nala - a warm feminine scent with layers of pretty perfume and sun golden rays.
Natural Eucalyptus - Real essential oil to help with blocked noses and horrible colds!
Nazareth - a very mystical blend, eastern spices with aged sandalwood and oud.
Negan - strong masculine, tinged with evil and oppression.
Neroli - Sweet light orange blossom, uplifting and energising.
Night Falls - You mystical lovers need to try this if you havent, its a very beautiful relaxing woody scent, very good for evening melting.
Night Swimming - Night Swimming deserves a quiet night, the moon is low tonight. A very reflective relaxing lavender blend with powerful neroli and green herbal notes.
Night of the Swallow - a beautiful new mystical blend, orchids, aged musks and soft fragrant summer night rain.
Night on the Water - dark still water, wet earth, wet leaves and moonlight, a very relaxing mystical with earth and water notes.
Nightwaves - a deep dark ocean kissed with moonlight, fresh oceanic notes with a handsome manly scent of cologne, musk and mahogany.
No T No Shade - juicy sweet summer raspberries, tall fizzy lemonade and a twist of fresh lime rind.
North Pole Laundry - sweet crunchy minty candy canes stirred into strong fresh clean gain washing. Very fresh with a hint of sweetness.
Not Today Satan - nag champa blend with devilish manly notes.
November Rain - a beautiful autumn night time scent, cool crisp air, fresh rain and warming amber.
OMG Twinkie! - Delicious light buttery sponge drenched in warm gooey marshmallow. Mouthwatering!
Oatmeal Milk and Honey - a very comforting clean shampoo soapy scent, very calming and creamy without being foody
Ocean Mist - Sea salt, ocean breezes and fresh clean air scent
Oceania - A beautiful fresh ocean blend, very clean and perfumed.
Old Flame - a soft warm gentle hug from partner you used to *know*. A kind scent, slightly masculine but not aftershavey, there are hints of warm embers, amber, a gentle background soft scent.
One Million Kisses - A delicate apricot from osmanthus blossoms, combined with hints of mandarin and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love
One Romantic Evening - a very pretty new mystical blend, sweet notes and woody notes with ribbons of gentle perfume flowing throughout. Perfect for a quiet night in
One Thousand Wishes - a soft sweet pink perfume type
Opal Fruit Chewie - Sweet strawberry chews with tangy orange chews, made to make your mouth water :)
Orange Dreamsicle - Creamy dreamy orange and vanilla whip!
Orange Pucker - The zestiest most mouth puckering fresh orange scent, delicious!
Orange Sherbet - Fruity, juicy and sweet and tangy, fizzy and fun!
Oregon Pine - Strong fresh green pine balsam.
Outside Inside - floral and nature lovers this is for you, fresh green grass with sweet summer floral breezes carrying lilacs, orange blossom and english garden flowers.
Paaarty - a warm sweet oceanic, think pirate candyfloss!
Palm Beach - So delicious, warm sand, cool oceanic breeze meets sunkissed skin and suntan lotion.
Paris Nights - (4 reviews) Paris Nights type Bath & Body Safe Gel Wax Safe FP: 200° Vanillin Content: None Be transported to the city of lights with the seductive scent of Paris. Take in this pleasant musky floral that celebrates Paris with notes of French jasmine, Clementine, cabernet musk, water lily, dewberry, and patchouli leaf. Paris Nights is a very sophisticated, sensual fragrance.
Parma Violets - Just like the little purple sweets
Passionate Kisses - is alluring, energetic, and fun. This fragrance begins with top notes of raspberry, followed by a warm glowing heart of sweet red cherry, blackberry, and fresh strawberries. Followed by mid notes of coconut milk and freshly picked roses. Ending in bottom notes of Egyptian vanilla and amber musk, one for the cherry lovers
Patchouli - The dark brooding earthy one. Beautiful.
Patio Garden - A very beautiful clean, green fragrance, very outdoorsy and refreshing with floral notes.
Peace Out - for sore heads and poorly souls, real lavender essential oil and the strongest purest peppermint to try and restore inner peace and stop the noise!
Peace of Mind - a haunting melody of darkness and calm peaceful moments, dark violets swirled with black patchouli and green herbs, a beautiful mystical blend.
Peach Cotton Candy - Sweet and delicious juicy peach with mountains of fluffy pink cotton candy!
Peach Farts - sweet juicy georgia peach chunks drowned in the fruity beauty monkey farts.
Peach Margarita - Cold tangy margarita zesry with lime and salt with a shot of sweet juicy peach syrup.
Peachy Cheeks - A wonderful combination of sweet fresh peach and musky soft powdery florals, a candlewick greens exclusive.
Pear Blossom - strong sweet pear drops type, not quite as aldehyde as true pear drops but a sweet strong pear with just a hint of blossom. Not a floral
Pear Drops - Super Strong Pear Drops Sweeties scent, very true to life and you will only need a tiny amount!
Pear Tart - strong syrupy pears in a sweet butter pastry tart
Pear and Blossom - soft sweet pear blossoms with fresh juicy pears. HB
Peppermint Buttercream - Creamy rich buttery frosting with cool fresh peppermint, very sweet and delicious.
Peppermint Dreams - Lavender and peppermint kissed with pretty pink sugar.
Peppermint Fluff - Delicious mounds of minty sweet marshmallow fluff.
Peppermint Icebergs - a strong fresh minty blend, slight menthol but from the actual peppermint a very clean non sweet peppermint blend.
Peppermint MOFO - The strongest peppermint ever, a true clean fresh peppermint scent.
Peppermint Patricia - fresh clean peppermint candy sweet and kissed with pink sugar
Peppermint Snow Queen - A delicious snow queen blend with piles of crunchy sweet candy canes! HB
Peppermint Snowflakes - soft white almond snowdrifts spiked with peppermint icicles.
Peppermint bark. - Rich dark indulgent chocolate studded with shards of pepperminty candy cane, this is utterly delicious!
Pikaki Monoi - Delicate pikaki blossoms macerated in clean coconut oil a tropical island scent
Pineapple Sherbets - super fizzy and zingy with piles of fresh pineapple slices, mouthwatering. HB
Pineapple Slices - sweet juicy golden pineapple bursting with sugary sweet juice
Pineapple Spikes - delicious sweet juicy pineapple slices spiked with lemongrass
Pineapple Spikes Fizzy Pop - delicious fizzy pop with sweet pineapple avo
Pineapple Suckers - this is delicious, sweet tangy pineapple lollypops, juicy and mouthwatering! HB
Pink Aliens - pretty pink perfume
Pink Amber - A beautiful mystical perfume, warm amber, soft apricot, warm sand and a tiny kiss of vanilla.
Pink Americn Honey - the same scent with lashings of pretty pink perfume added for an even girlier blend.
Pink Baby Lotion - Sweet powdery clean baby lotion, fresh and so very very comforting.
Pink Baby Lotion Roomspray - Just beautiful! fresh, clean and very pretty this is very calming and relaxing and brilliant for bedrooms.
Pink Bliss - Pretty pink chiffon with innocent imogen and pink sugar, a beautiful combination.
Pink Bliss - Large Pie - Pretty pink chiffon with innocent imogen and pink sugar, a beautiful combination.
Pink Chiffon - This light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon icing expresses the flirty femininity of feeling pretty in pink
Pink Chiffon - RoomSpray - Pretty pink light as air and so uplifting! A very popular scent.
Pink Chiffon Birthday - sweet sugar frosting and pretty pink chiffon
Pink Crushed Velvet - back again very popular combination of pretty pink chiffon and the beautiful calm soothing lavender milk, a pretty girlie lend for chilling out in your room
Pink Dragon - Beautiful mystical earthy dragons blood kissed with pretty pink sugar.
Pink Elephants - a super summer cocktail, sweet juicy melons, a slice of kiwi and a whole lot of crushed ice, a lovely fruity fun blend.
Pink Fluffy Towels - freshly laundered thick fluffy towels kissed with pink sugar.
Pink Gain - beautiful refreshing gain kissed by pink sugar, a delicious combination.
Pink Gain - Roomspray - Beautiful refreshing gain kissed by pink sugar, a delicious combination.
Pink Lavender - Pretty pink sugar sweetens and softens herbal lavender.
Pink Lavender Milk - smooth creamy lavender coco milk with a big shot of pretty pink sugar.
Pink Lavender Steamie - chunks of pink sugar and herbal lavender drenches int he fresh white washing powder of the steamie
Pink Lavender Supreme - a strong herbal lavender blend with real essential oils to help you sleep and relax, this time with added pink sugar.
Pink Lemon Curd Creampuffs - A delicious sweet pink bakery blend with lashings of creamy tangy lemon curd.
Pink Lemonade - fizzy fruity and fun, pink lemonade smells just as it sounds
Pink Marshmallows - Pretty pink sugar meets fluffy warm marshmallow, super sweet and playful scent.
Pink Moments - blonde moment kissed with pretty pink sugar
Pink Parma - Parma violet smothered in fragrant pink sugar, a perfect blend.
Pink Pear Drops - a fruitsy strong candy blend, with pear drops and raspberry lemonade and a dusting of powdered sugar. HB
Pink Peony - Peonies in full bloom, exquisitely fragile, with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Mingling with the sensual touch of soft suede. Luxurious, enticing and seductive.
Pink Peppermint - Sweet candy pink sugar meets cool peppermint in a perfect combination!
Pink Perfection - Fresh jasmine swirled with crushed strawberry a beautiful combination
Pink Rhubarb - Tart mouth watering rhubarb with sweet pink sugar, just a dusting, delicious!
Pink Sands - Tropical, fresh, almost melony dewy and so very pretty, a really lovely one to relax to.
Pink Snowflakes - lovely creamy almond bubbles with pretty pink sugar like a snowdrift of pink powdery soap bubbles
Pink Spearmint - Strong fresh and clean spearmint blended with pretty pink sugar.
Pink Spearmint Candy - delicious sweet spearmint with pretty pink sugar
Pink Stars - Herbal lavender with pretty pink chiffon and a splash of french perfume
Pink Sugar - A beautiful pink sweet perfume scent, blends so well with lots of things but wonderful on its own for a girlie scent.
Pink Sugar Blue Sugar - manly and feminine all rolled into one.
Pink Sugar Creampuffs - Light as air and choc full of sweet fluffy pink sugar cream x
Pink Sugar Creampuffs - RoomSpray - Light as air and choc full of sweet fluffy pink sugar cream x
Pink Tinsel Pie - fruity, minty, vanilla kissed tinsel with pretty pink sugar, this one is so nice!!
Pink Tree - pretty pink sugar dusted over fresh green pine trees
Pink parma - A very old house blend and still delicious, parma violet softened with pretty pink sugar
Pink sugared Christmas tree - Sweet pretty perfumy pink sugar layered over fresh green christmas tree, a lovely festive combination!
Pistachio Birthday - a beautiful sweet bakery scent with pistachio cream piled onto fluffy warm birthday cake
Pistachio Birthday Black Cherry - A bakery delight, sweet pistachio scented birthdy cake with a deep dark sweet black cherry topping.
Pistachio Macaroon - Crumbly sweet macaroons with fragrant pistachios, almonds and toasted coconut, a sweet treat!
Pistachio Mallow Birthday Cake - Creamy pistachio frosting over rich buttery birthday cake, a delicious comforting scent
Pistachio Marshmallow Spectacular - Delicious creamy pistachio pudding with mounds of fluffy marshmallows and buttery vanilla whip
Pistachio Pudding VBN - The creamy pistachio pudding cake has a punch up with the cool vanilla bean noel, who will win?
Pistachio Sugar Cookies - Delicious crunchy butter cookies studded with roasted pistachios and crisp sugar topping.
Pixie Dust - The prettiest strawberry scent I know, very perfumey and sweet.
Pixies Abroad!! - your beautiful pink pixie smothered in juicy sweet pineapple slices, a fruity delicious sweet pink delight!! HB
Plumazing! - a rich fruity plum blend, light and fresh not a heavy berry scent, swee but not sugary, a lovely calm summery scent with hints of berries and light perfume.
Pomegranate Noir - Dark brooding fruit, peppercorns and bruised figs just like a popular perfume.
Pomegranate Noir - RoomSpray - Dark brooding fruit, peppercorns and bruised figs just like a popular perfume.
Potter Pots - 18 pots of wax 540g wax minimum. The collection is housed in a unique collection drawstring bag, each pot is at least 30g, I have been cutting each pot into 4 melts. Each collection comes with 18 shots, the bag, Wormtail's disgusting severed finger lollypop, a bag of genuine Lemon Sherbets stolen from Dumbledore's Robe pocket, stamped with the Hogwarts Crest and a Dark Mark inspired Balloon and a contents sheet with full fragrance descriptions. This is a very mystical selection, some scents are sweet or perfumey but its mostly a dark mystical collection, please bare that in mind before you buy :) Some scents are back again but some are a remake or brand new, please consider them ALL brand new scents, I think the only ones who are EXACTLY the same are Severus.
Precious Jade - a very fresh floral, night flowering jasmine with fresh melon and a touch of apple, lillies and a touch of pineapple, to me it smells super clean like very posh soap
Pretty Little Minnie - the most beautiful baby fresh scent, freshly washed new born baby with soft perfume notes and musk. Just lovely. HB
Pretty Woman - A beautiful feminine with delicate layers of perfumes kissed with lavender.
Princess Chiffon - a snowfairy pretty pink perfume mashup
Puffy Pink Clouds - a soft gentle new scent, sweet powdered sugar over delicate petals, fluffy white clouds and a sprinkle of stardust, this is a soft slightly musky very sweet sugar blend. HB
Pumpkin And Vanilla - sweet vanilla scented pumpkin with a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - Fresh warm vanilla waffles drowned in sticky toffee sauce, pumpkin butter and a thick crunch brown sugar topping!
Pumpkin Spice - Traditional warming pumpkin spice with cinnamon clove and nutmeg
Pumpkin Vanilla Spice - sweet vanilla scented pumpkin with a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.
Pumpkin spiced latte - hot sweet milky coffee with a massive shot of pumpkin spice syrup, warming comforting and the very start of winter!!
Punk Sugar - pink and girlie but not quite! A big shot of patchouli and a hot of sexy nightime perfume to punk up the sugar!
Purple Poison - Delicious dark purple velvet meets sensual purple sandalwood, very fragrant and mystical.
Purple Sandalwood - beautiful soft sandalwood with a gentle powdery finish
Purple Satin - a mystical with hints of laundry, gentle musks, feminine perfume and whisps of sweet oud and sandalwood.
Purple Velvet - A very very very old blend of mine from many years ago, loads of aged patchouli with a lovely dollop of sour fruits.
Purse First - lemon and lime fizzboms, an explosion of fizzy citrus.
Qaletaqa Walker - a strong silent man of actions, a fresh herbal scent with warm tobacco and sun baked desert earth, fresh notes and everlasting night sky.
Rainbow Brite - for the candy lovers, a sweet and sherbetty sour treat, tangy and chewy and oozing with rainbow sour syrup!
Rainbow Bubble Whip - layers of whipped soft marshmallow, bubblegum syrup and a thick powdering of rainbow sherbet, sweet and sassy! HB
Rainbow Bubblegum - delicious fruity rainbow sherbet and soft pink bubblegum!
Rainbow Fizz Fam - a proper christmas special for the fizzy lovers!! A RIOT of fizz...... each fella is different!! Strawberry Fizz, Orange Soda Fizz, Grape Fizzy pops, Lime Fizz , Bubblegum Fizz and Lollypop Fizz, mix them or melt alone HB
Rainbow Fluff - Zingy fresh sherberry fruits with piles of creamy vanilla marshmallow fluff, a sweet and sour treat.
Rainbow Lollipops - sweet crunchy fruity lollypops, all the fruity fizzy flavours rolled into one
Rainbow Pear Drops - if you love pear drops I think you will love this, sweet strong pear drops dusted with rainbow sherbet. HB
Rainbow Rings - a delicious tangy fruity cereal blend
Rainbow Sweat - a candy combination with a fruity zing
Rainbow Sweat Large Pie - A candy combination with a fruity zing
Rainbow Sweat Myrtle - a candy combination with a fruity zing
Raspberry - delicious sun ripened berries heavy with juice.
Raspberry & Lime Fizz Bombs - just as it sounds a sweet and tangy candy fizzy mouth puckering scent!
Raspberry Beret - ll the raspberries blended into a mystical dark swirling potion of Prince sexyness. HB
Raspberry Chew Bar - Sweet n sour fizzy raspberry chewy bar
Raspberry Drumlicks - juicy fresh raspberries smashed into 100 creamy vanilla kissed drumstick lollies. HB
Raspberry Lemonade - sweet sugary fruity lemonade with a summer raspberry tang
Raspberry Lilac - Sweet tangy raspberry and floral lilac, a very pretty spring blend.
Raspberry Lilac Bubbles - strong tart raspberry sauce with pretty summer lilacs with clean fresh gain laundry
Raspberry Trifle - layers of fresh spongecake, raspberry jelly, fresh raspberries and whipped cream! HB
Rat's Ass - a delightful confection of raspberry lemonade with a pile of smashed sugary lollypops
Rat's Ass Baby Betty - a delightful confection of raspberry lemonade with a pile of smashed sugary lollypops
Red Roses - Full soft powdery red rose with no hint of sweetness.
Refresher Chews - delicious mouthwatering creamy lemon chews with a sherbet centre. HB
Refresher Chews - delicious mouthwatering creamy lemon chews with a sherbet centre. HB
Reindeer Poo - Ignore the name this is pretty! apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli.
Reindeer Rock - smells just like the sop shop holiday favourite
Relaxation - Soft powdery blossoms, musk and sandalwood make up this very relaxing pretty fragrance.
Rhubarb - Tangy freshly stewed english rhubarb!
Rhubarb Drumlicks - the scent of a rhubarb drumstick lolly, tangy, sweet and kissed with creamy vanilla.
Rhubarb Lovers Box - We have Pink Rhubarb, Rhubarb Lemonade, Rhubarb Lollypops, Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote, Rhubarb Fantasy and Rhubarb Fool. (rhubarb is a very oily scent, these boxes will be very prone to oily bottoms, i cant check as its in boxes, please dont buy one if you dont want to deal with an oily bum)HB
Rhubarb and Custard - Tangy sweet rhubarb meets creamy thick rich custard
Rick - a wonderful manly scent, light aftershave and alpha male HB
Ricky's Stack - A huge stack of itty bitty bettys, 5 different blends, full details of scents will be on the chat group each time they are sold.
Riptide - a beautiful fragrant ocean scent with soft perfumey notes
Rock n Rose - A popular floral mystical dupe, a perfume type.
Rockstar Candy - The popular pink candy scent of that pink soap.
Rose Jam - Sweet rose petal jam, relaxing and uplifting and beautifully sweet
Rosemary Mint - A super fresh herbal scent, very fresh and uplifting
Rosemary Mint Roomspray - A super fresh herbal scent, very fresh and uplifting
Rosie Girl - a beautiful new guest blend, Rosie the baby puppy becomes Rosie the pretty little girl, a soft comforting sweet scent with pretty perfumey notes and soft comforting clean baby puppy scents.
Rosie's Lullaby - Charli's blend for little puppies everywhere, soft musks, pretty pink sugar kissed with creamy lavender milk. So gentle and pretty.
Ruby Gloom - a very soft feminime perfume blend for remembering your loves x
Ruby Red Grapefruit - sour tangy refreshing grapefruit, really zesty and fresh.
Sacred Sandalwood - this tranquil fragrance is comprised of smooth, silky sandalwood, powdery amber and velvety florals with a touch of musks for a hint of sensuality.
Sage and Citrus - A very fresh herbal scent, pretty and very relaxing, if you are a herbal lavender fan do try this
Sailors Rest - a beautiful new oceanic mystical, warm lapping waters meet calming mystical herbs and spices, this is a very gentle, calm fresh blend.
Sakura Blossoms - A beautiful fresh cherry blossom fragrance, very clean and calming.
Sakura Blossoms - Roomspray - A beautiful fresh cherry blossom fragrance, very clean and calming.
Salt Water Taffy - Super sweet and lip smackingly pink! A delicious pink candy fragrance a bit like those foamy shrimp sweeties!
Saltwater Taffy Roomspray - Super sweet and lip smackingly pink! A delicious pink candy fragrance a bit like those foamy shrimp sweeties!
Sandalwood - Beautiful indian sandalwood, grounding and balancing and wonderful for the bedroom
Sandalwood Vanilla - Beautiful fragrant Indian sandalwood, kissed with soft vanilla
Santa Snacks - Buttery crunchy vanilla sugared cookies with a tiny sprinkle of pine sugar and a thick crust of candied pistachios. HB
Santas Whiskers - Delicious buttery sweet cookiecrumbs with a hint of fresh pine, sounds crazy but it works!
Satin Sheets - A very sensual musky laundry scent with orchid, thick heavy satin and powdery musks
Satsuma - a wonderful blend of orange, mandarin, mango, peach, lime, jasmine, and orange flowers. Energizing and intoxicating! We love it!
Satsuma Bowl - a towering bowl of orange juicy sweet fruits, super sweet and tangy. HB
Satsuma Mallow - fluffy white marshmallow fluff blended with tangy fresh satsumas.
Saviours Breath - Complex blend with melon and citrus, sandalwood and cedar. Clean and beautiful.
Scandal - - a sexy summer scent, Dragon fruit slices, guava juice and bergamot make up this very well blended scent. With Coconut Blossom syrup and jasmine petals. HB
Secret Wonderland - Luscious strawberry and frosted jasmine petals kissed with magical notes of white amber and creamy sandalwood to create this whimsical fragrance inspired by a secret world you never dreamed existed.
Secrets & Lies - A complex warm golden tobacco scent with herbal fresh notes and a touch of white vanilla.
Secrets of the Sea - a beautiful new mystical, fresh ocean spray meets dark green sea moss, deep water, cool, masculine and complex.
Senor Guevara - old Havana, dry tobacco leaf, leather topped desks and hot sun baked Mexican earth.
Serendipity - Rich decadent creamy coconut with crushed cherries and hints of fruit.
Severus - Deep water, silver, potions. A haunting dark and difficult scent, complex and beautiful
Sex Song - Jasmine and rose just like the popular soap shop.
Shadowlands - A new mystical layerup, very dark and mystical, layers of patchouli, oud and dragons musk.
Shell Burst - lemon curd meets fruit loops and softened beautifully with rose jam
Sherbet Kisses - orange sherbet kissed with grapefruit candy.
Sherbet Lemon - RoomSpray - Sweet tart sherbetty lemon so very uplifting and happy making.
Sherbet Lemons - Sweet tart sherbetty lemon so very uplifting and happy making.
Sherbet Twins - All ther sherbets! Lemon sherbet zings alongside its sweeter twin orange sherbet, very refreshing and fizzy!
Shloer - when my mum got paid when I was wee she would bring me a bottle of Shloer as a treat, its a delicious sweet grape scent, white grapes not purple so not a syrupy heavy grape, a light fragrant perfumey white grape scent with a hint of fizz.
Shop - Smells just like a soap shop EXCLUSIVE blend
Shut Up & Calm Down - a beautiful lavender blend with white musk, wisps of sea air and fresh salt. Instantly relaxing spa like scent.
Signor Juan Carlo - Clean fresh sensual sandalwood with spicy tobacco and vetiver
Silent Night - LIMITED this is a gentle mystical with layers of eastern spices, cool fresh mountain water and a sprinkling of stardust.
Silent Night - a dark patchouli blend for the black of heart, lifted very slightly with pretty night fragrance but very much a dark delicious mystical. HB
Silk Ribbons - A very pretty new blend, the softest silks, powdery and musky with beautiful orchids and pretty pink perfume.
Silver Bullet - black earth, metallic shards of grapefruit shot with velvety patchouli and vampire tears
Sing Me To Sleep - A beautiful relaxing lavender musk blend very popular
Sing Me To Sleep - RoomSpray - A beautiful relaxing lavender musk blend very popular
Sinus Relief - A strong, nose clearing scent.
Skinny Violets - skinny dip meets bathos in the battle of the violets, deep dark and delicious
Skittles - Taste the sweet fruity rainbow!
Sleeping City - a soft herbal soothing scent, with lavender, night blooming stocks and cool night air, very calming and settling.
Sleepy Snow Queen - this is SO GOOD, the same snow queen you know and love with added relaxing lavender, more queen than lavender.
Sleepy Snow Queen Baby Betty - this is SO GOOD, the same snow queen you know and love with added relaxing lavender, more queen than lavender.
Sleigh Ride - A wonderful blend of pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry, holly, and a hint of vanilla.
Snow Angel - White musk with a hint of mint and buttercream.
Snow Fairy Kisses - Sweeter than sugar with pear drops and magical sparkle just like the popular soap shop.
Snow Fairy Kisses - RoomSpray - Sweeter than sugar with pear drops and magical sparkle just like the popular soap shop.
Snow Kissed Mittens - Rich Vanilla and yummy sweet Sugar Cane and a wisp of Warm Winds give this fabulous oil a warm and cozy tone. Add in Blue Cypress Fir, Rosemary Sprigs, hints of Tiare Flower, Sugar mint, Oak moss Resin and Dark Teak give this oil a unique frosty twist!
Snow Queen - this is a lovely blend, rich creamy vanilla swirled with a certain pink candy fairy scent...... mmmmmm snowy!!
Snow White - Princess clam
Snow White Apple - Huge red shiny crisp apple, sweet and juicy and true to life apple scent.
Snowballs - a hint of frozen menthol over green boughs heavy with snow.
Snowdrift - cool freshly drifted snow, a cold fresh outdoorsy fragrance with hints of peppermint and balsam.
Snowflake Sparkle - Inspired by the magical sparkle of falling snowflakes the fragrance opens with a cool, green floral accord where green stems, winter violet and icy ozonic notes leads you to a heart of lily, peony, rose, mimosa, carnation and jasmine. The woody base of amber, sandalwood, cedar wood and moss is smoothed by hints of vanilla and musk.
Snowy Almond - beautiful creamy almonds with benzoin, just perfect and so warming and comforting
So Bright - A wonderful musky crisp apple scent, unusual and very fresh and clean.
Socks and Sandals - sitting next to a roaring log fire, waves of herbal lavender, seasoned oak logs and sweet wood smoke. HB
Soft Blanket - gentle and so pretty a comforting cosy scent
Sorrel and Lemon Thyme - sparkling zest of lemon that wakes up a bright bouquet of bitter orange and petitgrain and gently exposes a herbaceous heart of sorrel, lemon, thyme and rosemary. Beneath, verdant geranium leaves and earthy moss lift the citrus scent to an elegant finale.
Soul Rise - a dark herbal eastern mystical with perfumed smoke and old indian silks.
Sour Apple Gummy Bears - mouth puckering sour apple suckers meets soft fruity squashy gummy bears for a sweet treat HB
Sour Apple Suckers - bright green sticky licky sour apple suckers, candy lollies with a sharp tang!
Sour Patch Kids - Smells just like the big bags of super sour fruity gummy candy
Sour Times - A collection of 9 dark, mystical scents
Sour Watermelon Candy - sweet and tangy almost fizzy just like a gummy sweeties.
Spa Break - a beautiful fresh clean spa scent, this time with notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit but very much the spa scent dominant. Lovely if we ever get any hot weather!
Spa Fresh - a very fresh aquatic spa scent, marine notes and hints of citrus, a clean uplifting fragrance perfect for the heat. HB
Spa Time - a fresh and clean bright new spa scent
Spanish Blonde - Slightly different from last time. Gentle non foody vanilla meets spicy aromatic Spanish tobacco.
Spanish Blonde - Non foody vanilla swirled into a dark sweet sticky spiced tobacco, very mystical.
Spanish Darkness - Deep dark tobacco with warmer lighter fragrant tobacco
Spanish Gold - Deep dark sticky pipe tobacco, moist sticky and full of fragrant amber notes, this is lovely and warming.
Sparkle and Twinkle - a new pretty perfumery for the party people, all light, fun perfumes, a feminine pretty scent perfect for bedrooms. HB
Spearmint Candy - Spearmint chews! made to make your mouth water!
Spearmint Menthol - cool fresh winter sensation, spearmint with menthol breeze
Spearmint Noel - Strong clean spearmint tempered with creamy white vanilla noel.
Spearmint Rock Candy - like every sort of seaside rock rolled into one with a big shot of fresh spearmint
Spiced Apple Cup - sweet apple cider, gently spiced no alcohol scent .
Spiced Sugar Plums Pie - A rich, fruity, spicy fragrance with top notes of plum, orange and apple, a heart of soft fruits, cinnamon and pine notes and a base of amber, spice and woods.
Spiced Sugarplums - A rich, fruity, spicy fragrance with top notes of plum, orange and apple, a heart of soft fruits, cinnamon and pine notes and a base of amber, spice and woods.
Spring Bouquet - beautiful spring flowers, white tulips, fresh lilac and a breath of cool spring air. HB
Spring Breezes - a lovely clean fresh springwash laundry blend
Spring Chiffon - Fresh and clean springwash blended with pretty pink chiffon
Spring Dragon - Mystical dragons breathe fire over fresh clean springwash!
Spring Dreams - a double layered one, two beautifu soft lenor types, one soft and girlie laundry and one fresher more outdoorsy one. HB
Spring Meadow - A walk through a fresh green flower meadow, spring sunshine, sweet grass and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful flowers.
Spring Rain - his is so very pretty and so fresh, the scent of raindrops hitting a fresh green meadow, it smells like the outside and is very relaxing to me.
Spring Steamie - a super fresh clean laundry blend
Spring garden - a fresh green floral with lots of fresh air, spring blooms and young grass.
Springwash - Beautiful pretty laundry type really gentle and slightly sweet
Squishy Hugs - a gentle comforting pink sugar and sandalwood blend
St Clements Wash - a laundry blend with fresh lemon and orange juice.
Sticky Toffee Pumpkin Waffle - Fresh warm vanilla waffles drowned in sticky toffee sauce, pumpkin butter and a thick crunch brown sugar topping!
Strawberry Blonde - Champagne cocktail with freshly picked strawberries.
Strawberry Bon Bons - Sugar dusted chewy balls of sweet strawberry heaven
Strawberry Cotton Candy - Tooth achingly sweet with piles of whispy sugar!
Strawberry Cream Cupcake - sweet vanilla sponge, piles of buttery whipped frosting and a spike of fresh strawberry. Delicious!!
Strawberry Daiquiri - Beautiful cream sweet cocktail
Strawberry De Leche - a sweet almondy buttery cake soaked in sweet milk and just a hint of strawberry syrup.
Strawberry Fruit Festival - the popular Island Fruit Festival with added strawberry
Strawberry Fruit Loops - delicious crunchy fruity loops with a massive portion of fresh strawberries
Strawberry Gain Noel - Sweet juicy strawberry, clean fresh gain and creamy vanilla bean noel make a wonderful laundry blend.
Strawberry Guava - A wonderful fruity blend of sweet english strawberries and tropical guava, just mouthwatering!
Strawberry Island Fruit Festival - delicious tangy sweet tropical fruits kissed with fresh juicy strawberries
Strawberry Kisses - a light bakery scent with strawberry mousse, strawberry syrup and delicate thin strowberry shortcakes
Strawberry Lemonade - a layer of juicy strawberry topped with loads of fizzy zesty lemonade.
Strawberry Margarita - Fresh cool spikey lime margarita with sweet juicy strawberry syrup
Strawberry Marshmallow Birthday - A delicious combination of light fresh birthday cake with mounds of fluffy marshmallow frosting and fresh strawberry slices.
Strawberry Passion - Strong fresh berries mingled with tart rhubarb, just delicious!
Strawberry Rhubarb Daiquiri - a delicious creamy cocktail, no booze but all the sweet juicy strawberries with a big dash of rhubarb syrup. HB
Strawberry Satin - Waves of warm velvety perfume with sliced fresh strawberry and a dusting of powdered sugar.
Strawberry Sherbets - Old fashioned hard strawberry sucky sweeties filled to the brim with lemon sherbet powder, mouthwatering!! This one is a gem!
Strawberry and Grape Daiquiri - creamy sweet strawberry daiquiri with a big shot of sweet grape juice. HB
Strawberry island Fruit Festival - delicious tangy sweet tropical fruits kissed with fresh juicy strawberries HB
Stress Relief - A wonderful spa scent, slightly menthol, woody and so very refreshing
Sugar Dew - the most wonderful melon blend, all the sweet juicy honey sweet melon chunks you could ever want wrapped in a whisp of spun sugar.
Sugar Lickers - juicy sweet and sour fresh lemonade stirred with rainbow lollypops.
Sugar Mints - Half pink spearmint and half candy cane cotton candy! Very sweet mints
Sugared Cranberry - all the tart juice and fruity fragrance blended with sweet sugar to make your mouth water.
Sugared Spruce - dark green lush spruce with just a hint of sweetness
Sugared cranberry - sweet and sour a wonderful bright fruity festive scent.
Sugarplum Fairy - the pinkest fairy scent you will all recognise but with a twist, an adult grown up fairy with old amber and musk, as you melt it it will change over the hours from sweet and flirty to more and more mystical. HB
Sugarskull - a very old CWG blend, soft fluffy white marshmallows spiked with lime zest and powdered with lashings of pink sugar. HB
Summer Bliss - The delicious pink princess fragrance with her toes dipped in fresh warm summer ocean HB
Summer Breeze - a lovely fresh laundry blend, all sunshine and fresh air and clean, lovely!
Summer Days - a beautiful light floral scent, white blossoms, magnolia and peony. HB
Summer Imogen - a beautiful new imogen blend with tangerine, bergamot and musk.
Summer Kissed Berries - this is really pretty, its a fruity,perfumey blend . lots of sugar sweet berries but with pretty pink perfume notes, its very lovely.
Summer Lavender - Strong fresh young lavender with menthol notes, a very unusual lavender scent
Summer Nights - a light summer fragrance of sandalwood, vanilla, lemon and fresh fruit lift this summery fun fragrance.
Summer Peach Lemonade - sweet lemonade with slices of fresh sweet peaches
Summer Sherbet - a fresh fruity almost fizzy sherbetty tangy scent, you might recognise this as the overpour from an evening of mischief, a lovely uplifting fruity scent.
Summer Sky - Warm summer air, sunlit jasmines, white sands and a lick of juicy pineapple.
Summers End - a crisp cool autumn morning, crunchy leaves and cool moss. Hints of juniper and sage, warm sap wood and sandalwood.
Sun Moon and Stars - fresh green notes of clover and ivy followed by notes of jasmine, and vetiver. Bottom notes of green stem notes. Fresh!
Sunday's Child - a beautiful fresh warm fragrance with baby lotion kissed with light fresh spring laundry, waves of soothing lavender and a soft powdery pink finish. HB
Sundownder - a wonderful warm soft lovespell blend with lemon and pretty pink perfume
Sunkissed - this is so good, its the scent of your summer holiday, sun warmed skin and suntan oil, long sunny days and bright white sunshine, its the scent of your summer holiday in a copper shimmer bar.
Sunny Dust - a beautiful sweet candy blend, think sweet tangy fizzy fanta meets a pile of crushed up lovehearts, a fizzy tangy treat! HB
Sunshine In A Jar - sweet buttery lemons over passion fruits, tropical juicy, jammy deliciousness. A special guest Cheryl blend.
Sunshine in the Valleys - for all our little rays of Welsh sunshine.... A lovespell blend spiked with lime zest and piles of pretty pink sugar . HB
Sunshine on a Rainy Day. - Cheerful uplifting and zesty, chucks of west indian lime and orange pucker all drenched in sweet n sour grapefruit mallows. A great deodoriser!
Sunwashed Linen - Line dried , sun drenched fresh washing, nothing could be better.
Sunwashed Linen - RoomSpray - Line dried , sun drenched fresh washing, nothing could be better.
Super Salty - Fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and white musk
Super Salty Roomspray - Fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and white musk
Superfresh - the first laundry brittle I think I have done, pretty fresh springwash kissed with bliss and a powdering of soap powder, lovely clean and bright scent. HB
Superpops - summer strawberry, sweet tropical guava and 1 million crushed lollypops in a fruity sweet mashup
Sweater Weather - A wonderful fresh outdoorsy type scent, fresh air, crisp frosty greens.
Sweeney Todd - beautiful clean fresh blend, soft soapy shaving foam kissed with dark dangerous violet with fresh green violet leaf and a flash of an open blade.
Sweet Almond Macaroon - A delicate almond confection made into a popular perfume.
Sweet April - a really pretty new laundry blend, not at all strong and punchy like some laundry a very pretty fresh springlike scent.
Sweet Baby Imogen - baby soft powder over innocent imogen kissed with pure sugar
Sweet Bath Box - sweet pink bath scents
Sweet Cherry Bubblegum Birthday - Sweet cherries in syrup, light fluffy birthday cake and pink poppin bubblegum, a sweet sensation!
Sweet Dreams - Beautiful soft lavender kissed with camomile
Sweet Lavender Kiss - a beautiful sweet lavender fragrance, no perfume no musk just sweet lavender, very relaxing and soothing
Sweet Lavender Sigh - Herbal lavender, piles of sugar and non foody vanilla and a lick of soft pillowy marshmallow
Sweet Lavender Sigh - RoomSpray - Herbal lavender, piles of sugar and non foody vanilla and a lick of soft pillowy marshmallow
Sweet Lush Layers - The comforter, HIWTK and Snowfairy
Sweet Soul Dream - the prettiest of perfume scents, light white cherry blossoms kissed with musk and threads of pink velvety soft perfume oils. Soft, relaxing and beautiful HB
Sweet Violet Cookie - Not parma violet but a sweet floral violet kissed lightly with sweet buttery sugar cookie.
Sweetmints - a triple layer pie with candied peppermints, spearmint chews and pink peppermints and buttery humbugs.
Tangerine Dream - Fresh tangerine peel with blossom and musk this is so fresh and pretty.
Tangerine Dreams - a really beautiful fresh tangerine, not all fruity much more complex with green leaves and stem
Terminally Delightful - elicious mouthwatering strawberry refresher chews, sweet and sour with a kick!
The Bakery Treat Box - delicious sweet bakery treats
The Black Dog - Torra's patchouili and violet nightmare
The Black Death - the deepest darkest of blends, black patchouli, hellfire, dark tobacco and deep sandalwoods.
The Black and White Lodge - The white - pretty, innocent, clean and sweet. The Black - dark, earth and blood mingle, metal chains and sour herbal poison.
The Botanical Gardens - a wonderful fresh green scent with leaves and stems and flotal notes
The Burrow - Harry Potters first real home, smells like warm cake, fresh washing and love.
The Burrow - RoomSpray - Harry Potters first real home, smells like warm cake, fresh washing and love.
The Campervan Box - Cover yourself in the scent of ALL the hippies... Glampervan The Lavender Van The Smoking Van Beach Van NEW warm lapping waves hit the side of the van parked on the dunes... Moonlit Van Midsummer Van
The Countess - So very very dark, dark musk, whit musk, wild musk, whispers of tobacco and fresh dark blood.
The Coven - dark witchcraft, betrayal, murder and black magic. Fragranced with none other than Little Black Dress of course!
The Dark Arts - dark swirling smoke over fire and tobacco, aged patchouli and sticky tar, a dark forbidding scent
The Dementors - Potter clam
The Devils Bitumen - sour burnt earth, black licorice, scarred bark and evil.
The Djinn - a dark presence, the darkest of the demons, warm enticing lavender to lure you in, an intoxicating blend of perfumes and herbs, then fresh blood, a lot of fresh blood. HB
The Dragon Box - a selection of mystical dragon scents
The Dreaming Tree - a wonderful resinous combination of fresh pine tree and herbal lavender. HB
The Dreaming Tree - a wonderful resinous combination of fresh pine tree and herbal lavender.
The Enchanted Woods - a really beautiful blend, woodsy and fresh with piles of golden leaves and a wonderful outdoorsy fresh air scent, if you like the smell of the weather turning i think you will love this.
The Evil Queen - sweet so white apple with intoxicating perfume
The Ginger Fam - all the ginger you could EVER want, 3 sorts of ginger fellas in one tub, gingerbread applesauce, gingerbread whiskers and gingerbread cupcakes! HB
The Gravediggers Wife - A raven haired beauty but so melancholy, lavender water, wet earth and tears.
The Happy Prince - a beautiful spun gold wax, scented like fresh rain, amazonian rivers, whispering reeds and sunwarmed air.
The Headless Horseman - Dark and smoky perfumed tobacco, night air , gunshot and black patchouli and the smell of fear!!
The Headless Horseman - RoomSpray - Dark smoky gunshot. Tobacco, night air and he smell of fear!!
The Killing - Holder - not your average masculine blend, warm and soft and loving, golden amber with soft musk and a sharp tang of masculinity. Strong, comforting and romantic.
The Killing - Linden - delicate, vulnerable, could shatter at any moment, gentle soft waters, summer iris and delicate tree blossoms. A beautiful very fresh cool scent, feminine but certainly not a perfume blend.
The Last Mermaid - white sand, tropical waters and shafts of sunshine penetrate the waves.
The Laundry Fam - 6 laundry and lenor scents, 12 cute little gingermen shapes in each box
The Lavender Bitch - The bad bad girl of lavender, a sexy dark hearted woman, seductive and dangerous.
The Lavender Girls - a very pretty lavender blend with pink perfume and a sprinkle of soft and sweet musk.
The Lavender Tree - a very relaxing lavender blend with bergamot and musk and warm orange blossom
The Lavender Van - A deep mystical hippy scent uplifted with herbal lavender
The Little Princess - a beautiful soft Imogen blend kissed with soft baby lotions and pretty pink perfumes. HB
The Little Robin - A scent to comfort and calm, of course it has lavender, soft musks, sweet sandalwood and white amber, pale pink petals and creamy sweet barely there jasmine woods. White wax with white gold shimmer and iridescent stars. HB
The Liver Birds - a guest blend of sweet juicy grapes, fresh sour raspberry and iced lime slices. Really zingy fruity and juicy.
The Long Meadow - Tall grasses whispering in the summer breeze with the distant sounds of a babbling brook.
The Lovers - A mystical combination of warm sensual amber, orchid blooms, musks and clean silk sheets. A lovely evening melt.
The Magic Carpet - a mystical blend with nag champa and patchouli
The Mint Mayhem - a very minty selection!
The Mood Box - The Mood Box.... All of these scents are new, they are ALL unique to me and not your usual type of wax scents, some of my mystical girls will ADORE these but some will not, if your not a lover of aromatherapy/natural type scents this might not be for you, but I LOVE it :) Uplift... (orange) - a beautiful uplifting energising blend with neroli, orange oil and a twist of lemon. Soothe ( purple) - a beautiful herbal lavender scent, entwined with soft grey smoke and old oak, a very soothing calming mystical. Excite - (yellow) - a motivating scent, grapefruit oil and rich mountain vetiver, a kiss of fresh ocean waves, a very fresh invigorating blend. Unite (red) the sunsual one, one for nightimes, pretty pink perfume notes with oil of rose and musk, a soft sexy scent for lovers. Comfort (green) Green lavender blended with sandalwood and oud, a pinch of eastern promise, a delicious calming comforting blend. Focus ( blue) The most unusual of lavenders with crisp red apple and white musks. To help you concentrate and focus on something that needs your full attention.
The Moss Garden - a cool fresh watery outdoors scent, green and slightly fruited but not sweet. Like fresh ferns on a spring day.
The Murder House - a dark mystical, sheer terror blended with old aged musk and wet leaves, blood soaked rope and silent screams.
The Old Ladies Club - pink parma snowfairy, sweet, lighthearted and fun!
The Olive Tree - Warm olive oil and bergamot oil this is a wonderful relaxing calming scent.
The Orange Box - 3 layers of orangey sweet goodness, clementines, orange dreamsicle and sweet tangy orange sherbet, you kind of have to like oranges! :)
The Ozarks - the greenest of dense forests, pine Cyprus and Siberian fir trees on a base of crushed leaves. HB
The Pearl - Calming lavender and chamomile intertwined with myrrh and blackcurrant.
The Pink Ladies - all the pink smells in the world, a snow fairy blend with loads of pretty pink perfume
The Pirate Prince - The Pirate prince is a handsome dashing fellow, dark deep water kissed with freshly washed man! Dark curly hair and a wicked glint in his eye.... HB
The Princess and the Pea - a pile of fragrant pillowy fresh quilts with delicious pretty pink perfume, a bed fit for a princess like you
The Sea Faerie - cool crashing ocean waves, long pink locks lashed with seasalt, gossamer wings and sweet fairy magic. A special guest Lins blend.
The Secret Garden - a very green scent, long whispering grasses, overgrown ivy and lavender in full bloom, if you like green lavenders this one is beautiful.
The Shoreditch Hipsters Roomspray - The smell of an ironic young man. Fully bearded, bare ankled and really rather attractive!
The Shoreditch Hipsters! - The smell of an ironic young man. Fully bearded, bare ankled and really rather attractive!
The Smoking Man - Whisps of fresh tobacco, freshly starched white shirt, layers of black coffee and amber over a manly fresh cologne.
The Smoking Van - A wonderful jippy scent blended with sweet tobacco
The Sound of Silence - a deep dark lavender blend picked by Charli, heavy herbal lavender but much much darker, indian incense and eastern patchouli. A blend for meditation and calm.
The Steamie - Perfectly fresh and clean, billowing sheets and fresh scottish air.
The Stress Buster - the best most calming fresh clean lavender blend, no sweetness just deeply relaxing lavender and herbal fragrance to let it all go!
The Sultan - Clean and fresh just like the popular soap!
The Summer Fairy - sweet summer strawberries plump with juice kissed with pink fairy sugar
The Villains Box - your favourite characters brought to life in delicious scent!
The White Lady 2018 - The White Lady walks between two worlds, a beautiful white shimmering spirit haunting gently with no harm. She whispers past leaving a trail of white lilies, rosebuds, powdery soft blooms and crushed dead petals. HB
The Whole of the Moon - The Whole of the Moon - the lightest of moonbeams, this is a silvery bright mystical, its a light scent no matter how strong I would like it to be its a shimmery silky light thread of pure moonlight. Very beautiful for bedrooms.
This Must Be The Place - this is a warm hug of a scent, the scent of home and comfort and relaxation, lavender blended with warm herbal mysticals make this black shimmering wax just beautiful HB
Tinker Tea - a fun and fizzy blend, very uplifting and nice and tangy
Tinsel - pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.
Tinsel Tits - A fun fruity twist on tinsel with your favourite pink fairy!
Tis the Season - a creamy eggnog toddy sprinkled with pumpkin pie & spices.
Toasted Marshmallow - Sweet powdery creamy vanilla marshmallows toasted to a delicious gooey treat.
Tobacco Road - deep dark tobacco with woods, leaves and sunbaked earth
Tobacco Royale - a very fruity fragrant tobacco blend with spanish tobacco and very little smoky scent
Tokyo Milk - Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid & White Musk.
Tomboy - A fresh and pretty blend with shaving cream for the boys and pretty pink perfume for the girls
Tranquil Imogen - A wonderful herbal relaxing play on the popular imogen blend.
Tranquil Sleep - Begins with top notes of violet, cyclamen, hyacinth. Middle notes of juicy cantaloupe and watermelon, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. Bottom notes of cedar, amber, and musk. Absolutely fantastic! This is a perfect nighttime or bedroom scent!
Trick Or Treat 2018 - all the candies, sweet and chewy and fruity and sherbetty, piles and piles of candy, sweet mouthwatering candy!! HB
Tropical Fruit Loops - this is so delicious, sweet juicy tropical fruits over crunchy fruity loops, really juicy and sweet.
Tropical Jungle - An earthy, tropical tonic made with green cypress and cedarwood with hints of ylang ylang.
Tropical Orchard - delicious juicy fruits, georgia peach, sweet juicy pear and mango and papaya
Tropical Paradise - A sweet and creamy treat for banana lovers, banana fruit salad with creamy coconut and a tiny little kiss of cherry. HB
Tropical Punch Gummies - Sweet and tangy gummy bears drownded in tropical fruity soda
Tulips - fresh crisp and floral, tulips is a refreshing floral scent with a good strong throw.
Tuscan Lavender - the beautiful tuscan nights, warm sun baked earth and orchard breezes blended into herbal lavender for the ultimate relaxing treat. HB
Tuscan Nights - this scent is so hard to describe, its warm and fresh and green and musky all at the same time, its the heat of the sun just as it fades into dark blue night sky, warm earth and the hint of a cooler breeze whispering through the olive groves.
Tutti Fruitti - a massive pile of summer fruits, every fruit you could ever want in one delicious juicy bar. HB
Twigs n Berries - fruity floral combination of strawberries, oranges, and apples; accompanied by sweet floral aromas of jasmine, rose geranium, and oakmoss.
Twisted Mermaid - A totally yummy, scrumptious combination of berries and citrus with sugary sweetness and hints of vanilla in the bottom notes. Refreshing! A really fresh perfumy aquatic scent.
U OK Hun? x - layers of feminine scents, a hot milk lush dupe blend kissed with sandalwood and a cloud of french perfume.
UNICORN PARTY!!!! - Candy galore. Sweet strawberry cocktails, smashed lollipops all wrapped in whisps of glittering fairy floss.
Unicorn Candy - Unicorn Candy Selection Box... All the scents are fun, fizzy candy blends, all of them are sweet and glittery and very pretty colours when melting. Unicorn Sherbet - colour lime - tangy lemon sherbet with loads of fizz, dusted in lime sherbet with a big shot of bubbly lemonade. Unicorn Party 2018 - colour lilac - loads more fizzy pop with strawberry laces and stirred with a big rainbow lollypop. Unicorn Sparkles - colour yellow - freshly popped lemonade with lollypops and a sprinkle of fairy dust. Unicorn Love - colour pink - sweet pretty pink sugar with fruit salad and a big thick layer of sherbet. Unicorn Rainbows - colour white - delicious tangy rainbow sherbet wrapped up in fluffy pink candyfloss. Unicorn Magic - colour blue - 100 gummy bears squashed into a big pile and sprinkled with orange sherbet and a touch of magic.
Unicorn Horn Candy - rainbow sherbet dusted candy mountains of jelly beans and lollypops with a marshmallow fluff topping!
Unicorn Rainbow Lollypop Cupcakes - a bakery candy mashup super sweet and sticky
Unicorn Sherbet - A delicious mouth watering scent, fizzy fruity and magical!
Unicorn Sherbet Brittle - Super fizzy, fruity and full of rainbow sparkle, a very sweet and sour bubbly scent.
Unicorn Toots - a sweet and fruity creamy scent, berries and sugar and rainbow marshmallows!
Vampire Blood - thick red wax with red shimmer and blood red glitter, sweet strawberry fizzy pop scented juicy deliciousness!
Vanilla - vanilla, plain and simple great for blending
Vanilla - a fresh plain vanilla scent, not foody or buttery.
Vanilla Buttercream - Sweet smooth thick and rich vanilla buttercream wonderful blended or on its own.
Vanilla Nog - This creamy eggnog has strong notes of buttercream vanilla, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. A lovely warming cosy scent.
Vanilla Tobacco - Softly spiced tobacco with a kiss of soft vanilla
Vanilla bean Noel - the classic vanilla scent, creamy, rich and ultimately comforting.
Vapour Rub - nose clearing vapours from sniffy snuffly days!
Velvet - a beautiful new mystical scent, For those of you who don't like sandalwood, this blend is different; a demure version of sandalwood. Top notes of Italian Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot. Middle notes of nutmeg, soft rose petals, and white tea. The bottom notes bring out the sexy in this scent. Patchouli, sandalwood and a soft delicate musk. This sandalwood almost sparkles with a soft effervescent quality.
Velvet Sugar - A sumptuous blend of red velvet crème and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries. Too much is never enough!
Violet's Big Night Out - sweet innocent violet caught up in wisps of pretty pink perfume and romantic notes.
Voodoo Love - A fresh blend of jasmine and lily of the valley on a strong coconut background. Not a floral scent more of a mystical.
Waiting For Santa - a beautiful calming lavender blend to ease you off to sleep when you are very excited :) Soft soothing powdery with a tiny hint of fresh.
Wak Ya!, Wak Ya! - When Katie was very small she used to come bunding through to us every morning (very early) shouting Wak Ya Wak Ya (wake up wake up) This scent reminds me very much of those harsh mornings, a wake up breakfast juice blend of Sweet tangy Blood Orange Juice and Pink Grapefruit Juice.
Warm Mince Pies - sweet buttery pastry with a delicious syrupy fruity spicy mincemeat filling dusted with sugar please do not eat! :)
Warm Mince Pies Pie - sweet buttery pastry with a delicious syrupy fruity spicy mincemeat filling dusted with sugar please do not eat! :)
Warm Vanilla Sugar - Soft sweet brown sugar on a gentle sandalwood base.
Washing Powder - A simple, clean and fresh washing powder fragrance
Waterlily Freshmint - A delicate floral with green nuances and hints of fresh mint making this a feminine, refreshing scent.
Watermelon Lemonade - Delicious tangy lemonage with watermelon candy
Watermelon Taffy - sweet chewy taffy with fresh tart watermelon candy
Weather Winds - a scent of the outdoors for indoors, all of nature in a tub, green plants, wet earth and fresh gusting winds.
Wedding Dress For Sale (never worn) - the saddest scent in the world, a laundry but only barely, crushed white lace, a river of tears and romantic perfume. If you like the tropical white bloom scents you will like this.
West Indian Lime Sorbet - his one is so zingy, this would be amazing blended in any of the icecreams, its so strong and tangy!
Wham Jam Thankyou Ma'am! - A delicious sweet delight. ALL the jams! Strawberry, Raspberry and BlackBerry jam all squashed in to one wax. HB
What The Dr Ordered - a guest blend by Joshua ( who is actually a dr ) A sweet as sugar candy blend with sweet american concord grapes, chewy raspberry taffy and a pile of fruity sweet lollypops! HB
White Patchouli - a beautiful dupe of the womens perfume, a very unusual patchouli heavy blend, almost masculine but softened with bergamot and iris.
White Tea And Ginger - A wonderful fresh fragrant white tea with a tiny pinch of fresh ginger, really clean and spa like scent.
White Van Maaaaan! - Swirling mystical hippy campervan soothed out with delicious fresh white tea, a delicious fresh mystical blend. HB
Whites Wash - new laundry blend, fresh clean and very very white. HB
Why Can't I Be You? - a green eyed monster shooting daggers everywhere, swirling sandalwood, indian oud and patchouli leaf, whispers of sensual perfume. I'm smitten I'm bitten I'm hooked I'm cooked I'm.......
Winter Candy Apple - a beautiful new seasonal scent, sweet crispy juicy apple, crunchy red candy coating and a feminine perfume note, this is a BBW dupe and really prettier than it sounds.
Witches Titty - a sharp lemony confection dusted with fruity sherbet. HB
Withered Black Heart - sinister, dark and not for the faint hearted, deepest black tobacco, vetiver adds a masculine edge with amber and musk. A scent for after midnight.
Woodstock - A beautiful hippy scent, patchouli and nag champa drifting into the night.
World Party - a beautiful patchouli blend, tie dye scarves, joss sticks and mystical perfumes swirled into dark and musky patchouli. HB
Wylde Wood - a fresh new outdoor mystical scent, crunchy leaves with old oak and mystical herbs.
Yog Nog - a super spicy blend straight from your favourite soap shop.
Yummy Gummy - sweet pink bubblegum and lashings of fizzy cola pop
Yummy Strawberry - This intoxicating blend of sweet strawberry, orange citrus with hints of fruits and chocolate
Yuzu - Yuzu begins with top notes of mandarin, tangerine, lemon satsuma, and ruby red grapefruit, middle notes of bergamot, and base notes of oakmoss

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