Candlewick Greens specialise in making highly scented soy/paraffin blend wax tarts and original creations. We use the finest ingredients to create highly fragranced melts. They are ready to ship to your door!

Wax Melt Pies

This is a selection of stock that may be available, please visit the Ready to ship! section for current stock availability

Wax melts work in just the same way as a tart, they are often used for gifting or just for treating yourself to something a little more indulgent.

Wax Pies

Wax pies are usually a large version of the scent shot but give you more value for money!

Currently available blends are below, check on restock day, normally Fridays for more new combinations.

Baby Chiffon - Beautiful pretty pink chiffon with soft creamy powdery musk.
Bazooka Fizz - Old fashioned bazooka Joe bubbly with sweet sticky raspberry chew bar.
Black cherry Pistachio Icecream - Super strong sweet and will kick out for HOURS!
Citrus Smash - ! A mouth puckering combination of sweet juicy orange chunks, zesty lime chunks, sharp white grapefruit chunks all drowned in sharp pink lemonade. HB
Doublemint Candy - all the mint and none of the smoothie, strong fresh peppermint with spearmint candy this one is MINTY
Fifty is Nifty! - A one of a kind wax pie! Very limited edition, all the zingy mouthwatering fruity fizzy scents with a layer of pretty pink chiffon!
L A Mermaids - A delicious new fragrance made by Lulu to remember a special holiday, chunks of soft baby powder, chunks of fresh warm Ocean Fresh all covered in beautiful fresh lemony Love Spell, a really beautiful soft and fresh scent. HB
Lavender Chiffon Birthday - Pretty pink chiffon and lavender mingle with a richly frosted birthday cake, delicious and not heavy bakery.
Lavender Chunky Hunk 2022 - a selection of very pretty boys slathered in lavender to just make your evening go smoothly! HB
Lemon Curd Strawberry White Cake - layers of lemon curd swirled into strawberry white cake
Lemon Zest Gain - Freshly washed laundry with tart zesty lemon zest :)
Peppermint Buttercream - Creamy rich buttery frosting with cool fresh peppermint, very sweet and delicious.
Pink Lemon Curd Creampuffs - A delicious sweet pink bakery blend with lashings of creamy tangy lemon curd.
Pink sugared Christmas tree - Sweet pretty perfumy pink sugar layered over fresh green christmas tree, a lovely festive combination!
Rainbow Bubblegum - delicious fruity rainbow sherbet and soft pink bubblegum!
Satsuma Mallow - fluffy white marshmallow fluff blended with tangy fresh satsumas.
Sherbet Twins - All ther sherbets! Lemon sherbet zings alongside its sweeter twin orange sherbet, very refreshing and fizzy!
Spring Steamie - a super fresh clean laundry blend
Spring garden - a fresh green floral with lots of fresh air, spring blooms and young grass.
Strawberry Cotton Candy - Tooth achingly sweet with piles of whispy sugar!
Strawberry Kisses - a light bakery scent with strawberry mousse, strawberry syrup and delicate thin strowberry shortcakes
Sugar Lickers - juicy sweet and sour fresh lemonade stirred with rainbow lollypops.
The Dark Arts - dark swirling smoke over fire and tobacco, aged patchouli and sticky tar, a dark forbidding scent
The Dreaming Tree - a wonderful resinous combination of fresh pine tree and herbal lavender.
The Pastel Princess - soft powdery perfume and girlie petals a beautiful new Floral Bomb blend HB
Watermelon Taffy - sweet chewy taffy with fresh tart watermelon candy HB
Withered Black Heart - sinister, dark and not for the faint hearted, deepest black tobacco, vetiver adds a masculine edge with amber and musk. A scent for after midnight. HB