Candlewick Greens specialise in making highly scented soy/paraffin blend wax tarts and original creations. We use the finest ingredients to create highly fragranced melts. They are ready to ship to your door!

Candle Safety and Tips

There are obvious things you shouldn't do with candles and tarts, I know that you know them but its worth me saying them again.

  • Never place a candle or a burner on a surface with a shelf above it, even if you are lucky enough to not set the house up you will get a very sooty shelf!

  • Don't try to move a candle or tart burner when its liquid, most of my wares are made from parasoy wax.

  • Make sure your candle or tart burner is on a nice stable surface, free from draughts. If your candle is flickering a little madly make sure there isnt a window open or a door ajar, that will usually sort it.

To get the best burn from your candle you have to set its memory.

A memory burn is the first burn of your new candle, I know its so tempting to try them out for a little while but this is terribly wasteful. When a candle is first lit it must be allowed a nice long burn to let the whole surface of the candle melt.

Right to the edge of the container, if you try it out for half an hour or so you will notice it leaves a ring in the wax, the next time you burn it your candle will remember that ring and only burn to that point, this is called tunnel burning and means you dont get full value and of course less time of your chosen lovely scent.

A candle needs about an hour per inch of diameter to reach the edge, so a 2 inch tin will take 2 hours to set its memory etc.

Removing a soy melt from your burner can sometimes be easier than other times, you have several options, my customers have given me these little hints so thankyou!

  • If your tart is melted and you feel the scent has been used or you dont want to burn it again then a carefully folded piece of kitchen paper can be used to blot the melted wax up, it will also fragrance your bin! Bonus!
  • If the tart is cold and has gone solid it should just pop out with a bit of persuasion from you, if its being tricky then 10 mins of freezer time often does the trick. Dont forget about it especially if you have a glass burner!
  • If your tart is solid and you would like to use it again another time but want a little change right now then simply relight your tealight and watch it like a hawk, allow maybe 15 seconds and blow out your tealight, you should find your tart has slightly melted and will slip out and back into your baggie for another day.
  • Try not to take a sharp knife to your burner, you don't want to score the dish or hurt yourself!
  • Keep your candles and burners well away from children and your precious pets, the wax will get hot and dogs especially can form a strong attraction to the foody smelling candles lol!

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