Candlewick Greens specialise in making highly scented soy/paraffin blend wax tarts and original creations. We use the finest ingredients to create highly fragranced melts. They are ready to ship to your door!

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Ready To Ship!

Welcome to the ready to ship section!

These lovelies are already made and sitting in my workshop ready to send to you. They will be sent by courier as soon as I have confirmed your order.

Item Price Quantity In Stock Option Add Info
10 Tubby Sampler Set 800g £50.00 0
Super Pie 600g £36.50 0
Big Betty Slab 650g £40.00 0
Room Spray 50ml £5.00 0
Brittle Bag 200g £13.50 0
Slicing Tub 175g £11.00 0
Circle Snap Tubs 240g £15.00 0
Wax Pies 320g £19.50 0
Small Wax Pies 200g £12.00 0
Twin Tub Wax Pie 420g £27.00 0
Blossom Box 60g £3.60 0
Artisan snap bar 80g £5.00 0
Large Snap Tub Pie 480g £30.00 0
Medium Snap Tub Pie 275g £17.50 0
Small Snap Tub Pie 250g £16.00 0
Tubby chunks 80g £4.75 0
Little Pie 190g £10.50 0

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